Park Lighting

Smart Public Lighting | Guard The Light In The Community

At dusk, in a community in Chengyang District, Qingdao, a batch of new street lamps with their own charging devices slowly turn on to illuminate people's way home.

Smart Street Lighting | Smart Street Lamp Project Of Sun Island Hotel

The rapid development of the IOT technology and intelligent control technology has given the street lamp a new role and task, not only makes the street lighting more intelligent and energy saving, but also makes it a positive factor to promote urban transformation and facilitate people's life.

Intelligent Street Lighting | EXC Willow Leaf Series Smart Street Lamp

EXC recently launched an new smart street light product --- Willow Leaf series intelligent street lamp.The design idea of EXC willow leaf series smart street lamp comes from willow leaves.Equipped with EXC intelligent street lamp cloud control platform, intelligent management, operation and maintenance of each functional module can be realized through advanced communication technology.

EXC Intelligent Street Lamp Mounted On Hurong Avenue And Helps Build Smart City

Recently, the intelligent street lamp on Hurong Avenue of Ye SAN Guan in Enshi Badong County was on guard!The street light is an intelligent street lamp with high technology, strong comprehensive function and beautiful appearance design, which integrates wireless WiFi, laser projection and music playing functions into one.

EXC Smart Street Light Helps Build Smart City

EXC Technology has successfully implemented smart road lighting projects in many cities across China, among which Shenzhen is an important stop.

EXC Smart Street Lights On ShenYang Cedar Road

EXC street light manufacturer has provided hundreds of Guardiance series street lights and smart multi-functional light poles on ShenYang Cedar road.

EXC Solar Street Lights Installed In JiuJiang City

EXC solar street lights were installed in JiuJiang city used to broadcast the policy of no fishing through voice broadcasts in Poyang Lake.

Smart Street Lights Illuminate Yingxian County

In order to further improve the city's lighting capabilities and improve the lighting effect, the Yingxian county install hundreds of exc smart street lights.

EXC Smart Street Lights Illuminate the Venues of Asian Youth Games

EXC provide Sparrow series smart street lights to the Asian Youth Games, creating a humanistic atmosphere of the venue garden environment and contribute to its success.