Solar Street Lights

Smart LED Solar Street Lights are powered by renewable energy sources. Solar Sensor Street Light consist of solar panel, controller, rechargable battery, lighting fixture, pole. The controller will convert the solar energy into electrical energy through Photovoltaic effect and store the energy in the battery. In the night, the battery will convert the chemical energy into electrical energy to light up the roads. Its modular design and unique technological features represent a revolutionary step forward in integrating clean energy, cloud-based data management, wireless communication and digital services to create energy efficient smart cities.

The main advantage of Solar Powered Street Lights is that it uses renewable energy from the sun. Our Solar Street Lamps are integrated die-casting modeling, dust-free design, high efficiency and good stability. The main body of the street lighting is made of aluminum alloy, which has good thermal and heat dissipation performance. We can flexibly create a system that suits you. In addition to selecting your own street lighting, you also have the freedom to pick and choose other key parameters. Such as the column material, number of solar modules and column finish. We can customize the street light for your based on your requirements. 

all in one solar led street lamp

EXC-CR-Z02 All In One Integrated Solar Street Light

EXC-CR-Z02 all in one integrated solar street light with motion sensor is used for secondary road lighting, square lighting, countryside, etc. It is specially designed to fully meet the special lighting needs of the road.


solar led street lamp

EXC-CR-Z01A Solar Powered Led Street Lights

EXC-CR-Z01A solar powered led street lights are used for outdoor lighting such as parking lots, first-class roads, etc. This off-grid solar lighting solution with high brightness use solar energy to provide illumination without consuming electricity.


solar powered street lamp

EXC-CR-Z01 Solar Powered Street Lamp

EXC-CR-Z01 solar powered street lamp with motion sensor is fully powered by solar energy. The street lamp use high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels, the efficiency is greater than180lm/W, and supports lighting of 5-7 rainy days.


solar powered led street lamp

EXC-CR-Z03 Solar Powered Street Lamp

EXC-CR-Z03 solar powered street lamp uses high performance lithium battery and polycrystalline solar panel to provide best lighting effect. This all in one solar street light has high impact resistance and IP65 waterproof.


led street lights with solar

EXC Split Type Solar Street Lights Venus Series

EXC Venus series Split Type solar street lights provide lighting for rural areas and cities using renewable solar energy. It's an efficient green, energy-saving lighting product with professional light distribution design.


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EXC Solar Street Lights Neptune Ⅱ Series

EXC Solar Street Lights Neptune Ⅱ Series use the integrated design, provide high efficiency illumination without consuming electricity. The 6800LM solar lights are widely installed in highways, roads, rural roads,etc.