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EXC Smart Street Light Helps Build Smart City


In 2020, Songgang promotes the construction of the new area with a grand plan and a grand pattern, and build the supporting infrastructure of Dongfang Avenue with high standards.

EXC Technology has successfully implemented smart road lighting projects in many cities across China, among which Shenzhen is an important stop.

Project overview

  • Time & Location:2020,Dongfang Avenue, Songgang Street, Bao'an District, China
  • Custom Design:EXC technology(code:300889)
  • Project Background:In 2020, Songgang promotes the construction of the new area with a grand plan and a grand pattern, and build the supporting infrastructure of Dongfang Avenue with high standards.

Design concept of Guardiance Smart Street Lights Series

street lighting design

On watch such as pine, but let the family reunion!The smart street light is designed with birds and branches returning to the nest in the evening, implying that the street lamp is the guardian of the city, guarding the city and love! A small street light, warm night road, "guardiance series" smart street lamps like shining stars, embedded in the city night.

Light up in the twinight, closed before the morning, light up the vehicles and pedestrians on the road, so that every citizen in the night travel can feel the beauty of the quality of the city, feel the thick traffic care.

"Guardiance Series"smart street light take light pole as the carrier, all kinds of intelligent devices are mounted on the intelligent lamp pole, to provide wisdom lighting, intelligent broadcasting, release, video monitoring, environmental monitoring, one-button for help, such as urban public service function, make intelligent street lamp illuminates the city road, not only create beautiful night of Songgang, also further accelerate the speed of other urban public infrastructure deployment, realize the unified operation and management platform of the city, and eliminate the problem of information island between various systems.

All in one smart street light makes city better

The smart street lamp, carrying many kinds of hardware facilities such as a single lamp controller, adjustable light power supply, LED display, environmental monitoring, video monitoring, Internet of things, environment monitoring, public broadcasting etc,.The smart street light integrates all kinds of poles of transportation facilities, road nameplates, guide plates and so on, realizing the integration of multiple poles and "sharing, intensive and overall planning" of resources, optimizing urban space, improving road quality, and providing citizens with a clean, neat and beautiful urban road environment.

all in one smart street light

Information sharing & Service to the people's livelihood

The smart street lamp provides a variety of convenient facilities, such as smart release, reserved 5G microbase station and free WiFi signal sharing.Equipped with outdoor LED display screen, supporting brightness adjustment, synchronous display, sound output and other functions, the smart street light can timely release effective benefit information, real-time news, advertising and interesting video appreciation, so that citizens get timely and reliable information source.When the major emergency support system is triggered, emergency notification, epidemic prevention guidance and guidance information can be issued according to the prior plan.

Intelligent operation and maintenance management

Through the application of cloud control platform of smart street light of EXC technology ,itelligent street lighting control system, video monitoring, environmental monitoring, information release,EXC smart street light project located in Dongfang Avenue,Songgang,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,realizes online remote monitoring, remote control and intelligent comprehensive management of all functions, and conducts energy consumption statistics, operation and maintenance statistics,generate visual data analysis and reports, improving management efficiency.

smart street lamp

Through real-time data analysis and prediction, to predict in advance, effectively eliminate security risks. Relying on the intelligent control system, the lights can be lit between time segments and partitions to achieve effective energy saving and emission reduction. In the future, the platform system can be connected to smart cities and other systems, providing services such as information point access and urban big data monitoring and collection for smart cities, and speeding up the pace of urban smart development.