General Area Lighting

Smart Road Lighting | Minimalist Aesthetics & Daily Life in Nanling

EXC minimalist series of intelligent street lamps greatly improve the happiness of residents, and people are more dependent on this land.

Smart Street Lighting | Banners & Flags Series Smart Street Lights Illuminate Jalainur

This article shared the smart street lamp project of Jalainur.EXC Technology provided Banners & Flags Series Smart Street Lights, RA2 street lamp caps and red flag street lamp caps for this project, and also it is synthetically controlled by the smart street lamp management platform provided by EXC.

EXC Intelligent Street Lamp Project In Anyi County

The street lamp is located on the road between Anyi Civic Square and Greenland Square.Blossom is the partial tone of "bustling" in Chinese, bring good meaning at the same time, but also reflects the thriving development of Anyi County.

EXC Intelligent Street Lighting | Smart Street Lamp Project in Large Yacht Bozhou Anhui

In past 2021, EXC Technology has successfully launched smart street lamp projects in many cities across China, among which Bozhou is an important station.Now let's take you into the intelligent street lighting project of large yacht project in Bozhou Anhui and see how EXC Technology inject intelligence factor into the large yacht.

Smart Street Light For Smart City

Traditional city street lighting has these disadvantages of single function, manual inspection,detection inconvenience, hidden dangers,high energy consumption and high cost.Based on the above problems, EXC takes the lead in updating and iterating the infrastructure when helping to build a smart city. Smart street light project of Huangshagang Town, Sheyang County, Yancheng City is one of the representative smart city street lighting projects.

A Special "Villa" Has Been Upgraded And Renovated in Rizhao City

EXC provides the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart public toilet cloud control platform for the smart public toilet project.

EXC Smart Street Light Helps the Construction of a Safe and Smart Campus System in Shijiazhuang

Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. supports the development and construction of smart campus in the powerful way of using smart products and technological innovation.

EXC Street Lights Lit up Lishui City

Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. uses cloud control platform and landscape lighting products to contribute to the creation of a new ecological smart city in Lishui.