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A Special "Villa" Has Been Upgraded And Renovated in Rizhao City


EXC provides the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart public toilet cloud control platform for the smart public toilet project.

Public toilets are related to people′s livelihood and welfare.They are an important part of urban infrastructure and a yardstick of urban civilization. Rizhao City actively carried out the promotion of urban public toilets, incorporating the construction and renovation of urban public toilets into practical projects for the private sector, and built and equipped a number of smart paublic toilets, alleviating the difficulty of public toilets. So what functions have been added to these newly built and renovated public toilets, and what brand-new experiences will they bring to the public?

Recently, the Yingzi Greenland Park, located at the intersection of Haiqu Road and Beijing Road in Rizhao City, officially opened after being upgraded. Yingzi Park was built in 2000. The total area of the park is about 30,000 square meters. In 2020, the Rizhao City administration launched the exquisite improvement project of the park′s landscape. The transformation not only improved the landscape effect of the park, but also created a boutique park integrating leisure, fitness and entertainment. On the south side of the Greenbelt Park, an eye-catching and well-equipped public toilet has been added.

The public toilet in Yingzi Park is one of the public toilets upgraded and renovated in Rizhao City. It is constructed in accordance with the national second-class public toilet standard, using highly integrated assembly technology, new materials and new technologies to build an intelligent assembled public toilet, and reasonably set up squats according to the density of people. It equipped with humanized service facilities such as constant temperature air-conditioning, negative pressure deodorization, sensors, environmental detection, passenger flow statistics, and intelligent management system. It has become a scene of Yingzi Park with ″high value, complete facilities and multiple functions″.

Walking into the ″villa″, the interior decoration is very exquisite, with white washbasins, bright mirrors, and there is also melodious music. The most attractive thing is the display on the mirror. The left side of the screen shows the entire public toilet. The floor plan shows the location of all the partitions of the men′s and women′s bathrooms and the current usage status. The other half of the screen displays the current time, weather, humidity and temperature, and use status. Each partition in the toilet recognizes whether there is a person by infrared induction. As long as you enter the partition, the LED screen on the partition will immediately change from green ″Vacant″ to red ″Occupied″ and display it on the screen. The toilet environment with such complete facilities makes citizens feel convenient and considerate.

The smart public toilet system in Yingzi Greenbelt Park of Rizhao City is based on the Internet of Things and intelligent perception, combined with EXC cloud platform and big data analysis technology, to conduct real-time intelligent management of the environment, flow of people, hygiene, and energy-saving management of urban public toilets.

EXC provides the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart public toilet cloud control platform for the smart public toilet project, with front-end equipment such as toilet lasers, LED displays, sensor lights, integrated environmental detection machines, wireless smoke sensors, and monocular passenger flow counters, intelligent management terminal equipment, gateway centralized controller, gateway controller and other back-end equipment, realizing the intelligent management, energy-saving management, and intelligent guidance of public toilets, greatly improving the degree of refined management of urban public toilets.

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The upgrade of humanization and intelligence, and the improvement of ″quantity″ and ″quality″ fully demonstrate the builders′ craftsmanship, and also make the users feel comfortable.