General Area Lighting

EXC Smart Street Light Helps the Construction of a Safe and Smart Campus System in Shijiazhuang


The Furong light poles erected in Zhuoyue Middle School guard the campus with a sentinel attitude, escorting the safety of students, teachers and the smart campus.

The sound of reading is all around the campus with fallen leaves on the ground at sunset. The Furong light poles erected in Zhuoyue Middle School guard the campus with a sentinel attitude, escorting the safety of students, teachers and the smart campus.

Technological innovation also promotes educational reform. ″Smart″ and ″informatized″ campus management is a development direction for contemporary school construction. In order to ensure the safety of students and teachers on campus and promote efficient learning of students, Shijiazhuang Zhuoyue Middle School has invested nearly 10 million in the construction of a smart campus system. Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. supports the development and construction of smart campus in the powerful way of using smart products and technological innovation.

EXC smart lights in campus

Project Overview

Shijiazhuang Zhuoyue Middle School integrates junior and senior high schools with fully closed boarding system. The school covers an area of more than 160 acres, with a building area of 62,000 m². As a partner of the smart campus construction party, EXC provides a full set of solutions and product services for smart light poles in the smart campus. Furong smart street lights are installed, which include five major functions such as smart lighting, security monitoring, ambience lights, emergency help, information release, etc. A set of smart street light cloud control platform are equipped to provide their own products and services for the smart construction of campus. The school principal, teachers and students experience the practical applications of digitization and Internet of Things right around them!

Security Monitoring

The smart security system adopts network high-definition video compression processing technology, combined with the latest network transmission, high-definition storage, digital intelligent analysis technology, security technology, etc., and real-time HD video monitors the dynamic situation of student-intensive areas, school′s main roads and intersections, rest areas, etc. Through real-time browsing, recording, smart behavior warning and smart recognition, it can intuitively understand and master the dynamics of the monitoring school and improve the level of smart management.

Emergency Help

Students who encounter an emergency can press the emergency help button. It will have a visual intercom setting up between the student and the school′s security room after the security room receives the help signal, and connect the nearby video surveillance camera to automatically abstract the location of the student and the security room will grasp the situation on the spot and reach the spot to solve the problem in time.

LED Display Functions

Campus notice release: Schools can release important notices and publicity information, etc.

EXC smart lights in campus

Emergency release: When a major emergency protection system is triggered, emergency notifications, guidance information, student guidance information, etc. can be issued according to the advance plan.

Automatically release: Automatically release even if the network is disconnected.

Intelligent street lights automatically adjust brightness: Intelligent street lights can adjust the brightness according to the environment, temperature and seasonal changes. An adaptive lighting system based on artificial neural network technology (ANNA system, also known as Anna system), can perceive traffic, speed, pedestrian volume, etc. Integrating factors such as illumination, weather, location, and time, it can be adaptive according to vehicle speed, traffic, environment, etc. to adjust the appropriate brightness of the street lights to maximize driving safety, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Teenagers are the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation. Campus safety has been highly concerned by the whole society for a long time. This time, Shijiazhuang Zhuoyue Middle School has built a smart campus system to make full use of scientific and technological products to greatly improve campus smart management. At the same time, this project is also the first active attempt of EXC′s smart street lighting products and systems to land on campus, laying a solid foundation for further deepening school-enterprise cooperation and jointly creating a safe, civilized, smart and healthy education environment.