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EXC Street Lights Lit up Lishui City


EXC helps to build a characteristic night tour landscape of Lishui with the spirits of the times, bringing citizens and tourists a deep garden night tour impression and beautiful artistic enjoyment.

Ancient buildings, square parks, bridges and waterfront corridors... the colorful lights are as brilliant as the Milky Way. From the end of 2019 to 2020, the ″light of Lishui″night tour night show lit up the city, unveiling its mystery to tourists and showing its humanity beauty.

The ″Light of Lishui″ night tour landscape lighting project around Nanming Lake, with the theme of ″Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets″ and the structure of lakes, islands, mountains, and cities as the main body of the core resources, multidimensional shows the light of Lishui. Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. uses cloud control platform and landscape lighting products to contribute to the creation of a new ecological smart city in Lishui, and helps to build a characteristic night tour landscape of Lishui with the spirits of the times, bringing citizens and tourists a deep garden night tour impression and beautiful artistic enjoyment.

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Green mountains, clear waters and smart city, the smart lighting systems provides technical support for urban informatization and smart management. The construction of a centralized and integrated smart cloud control platform is the technical guarantee for the ″Light of Lishui″ night tour landscape lighting project around Nanming Lake to perfectly present in front of the public.

The EXC cloud control platform uses the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud platform technologies, from the system level, to create a fully functional, efficient, flexible, expandable, safe and reliable intelligent management and control platform, integrating smart lighting, smart street lights, and maps working conditions, weak current control, strong current control, operation and maintenance management. The use of a comprehensive and integrated intelligent management and control platform can fully consider future expansion of capacity, provide technical support for more project node access, and effectively realize the visibility, control and management of the entire project.

Intelligent weak current effect control equipment is the core part of the project’s linkage control. EXC provides weak current intelligent control equipment for the project. It adopts a new generation of digital video processing technology and intelligent professional lighting control software with optimized algorithm models as the core. Real-time mass data processing technology perfectly restore the color processing of the video source, and reproduce the perfect video synchronously and smoothly.

Through the establishment of the integrated intelligent management and control platform, the project conducts real-time data monitoring, management control, data analysis, operation and maintenance management, and unified management and control of all construction nodes to achieve overall linkage and met the three-level standard of the national information system security level protection, ensuring the information security.

A smart city is a ″business card″ that highlights the level of informatization of the city, and it is also a means for a city to maintain its competitiveness. As a part of the smart city, smart street lights are also included in the construction scope of the ″Light of Lishui″ night tour landscape lighting project around Nanming Lake. The smart street lights on Dayou Street are an important part of this lighting upgrade project.

The smart street light cloud control platform provided by EXC, with a total of nearly 500 light poles connected to the system platform for operation and maintenance, forms a system-wide intelligent lighting solution. Each light is equipped with loop control and single lighting controller, which can be adjusted the brightness of led street lights in different time periods. You can also understand the operation of each light one by one while taking into account the functional lighting. At the same time, to reserve other functional interfaces of the multi-function light pole, it can mount accesses reserved installation locations such as 4G\5G small base stations, IoT controllers, and display screens, cameras, weather monitoring, etc.

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The single lighting controller uses LoRa control,while the front-end LoRa wireless light control module is built in the light, and the light control is connected to the LoRa base station (gateway). The signal coverage radius of the LoRa gateway is 2-4 kilometers gateway: the gateway receives the LoRa module information and forwards the data to control the background.

Through the construction of Lishui city smart light poles and the comprehensive management cloud platform of the Internet of Things as well as a number of urban applications that meet the actual needs of the local area, Lishui city management capabilities have been improved and management costs are reduced. The use of automatic dimming technology reduces the energy consumption of urban lighting by 70%; citizens can know the weather conditions of the day at any time during their daily travel; through the monitoring of real-time snapshots and face recognition systems, the purpose of traffic management and control is achieved; people can know the latest city events at any time through the display screen.

The application of this system solution has enabled Lishui′s street lights to enter the era of energy saving and intelligence, marking that Lishui′s street light management has truly realized the city′s refined management, and it also provides the possibility for the application of various sensing devices with street lights as the carrier.

With the continuous acceleration of the process of urbanization in our country, the construction of urban lighting is also rapidly undergoing the processes of ″from lighting to beautification, from beautification to culture″. The ″Light of Lishui″ night tour around Nanming Lake landscape lighting project is designed with a unique double-screen media curtain wall system and an ″ideological wall″.

The ″ideological wall″ is located on the south bank of Nanming Lake. It is 160m long and 7.7m high. It is composed of more than 100,000 pixel light sources from EXC. It displays Lishui′s ″Two Mountains Theory″ spirit and Lishui′s unique humanistic value, making it a media carrier that expresses information and communicates with the public.

One lake and two banks, the water is limpid and clear, the area around Nanming Lake has now become a picture of Lishui′s characteristic landscape.