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Smart Road Lighting | Minimalist Aesthetics & Daily Life in Nanling


Shenzhen Xinqiao Nanling Road & EXC minimalist series intelligent street lamp

Minimalism design style

The charm of the city is on display

Warm lights and the lights of thousands of homes beauty to each other

smart street lights

There is no superfluous ornament, no complicated shape, simple but not easy. The minimalist series of intelligent street lamps provided by EXC shares for the project have hidden secrets. The LED street lamp is 10 meters high, and the arm is made of stainless steel, resistant to high temperature and cold. Lightning rod is installed on the top of the lamp pole to prevent lightning strikes. The installation position of video monitoring, information release and 5G base station is reserved on the lamp pole, which makes full preparation for the subsequent access of more intelligent equipment.

smart street lights

Minimalist Series Smart Street Lights

When the sun sets in the west, this is the handover ceremony of the street lamp and the setting sun. The daily life on Nanling Road is more vibrant, the shop owners resting in rocking chairs at the door, the office workers on the way home in a hurry, and the middle-aged people carrying food ingredients to go back to cook, the sun goes down, the street lights come on, suddenly looked up, light had fallen on their shoulders.

smart street lamp

EXC minimalist series of intelligent street lamps greatly improve the happiness of residents, and people are more dependent on this land. The construction of smart street lamps has successfully created a new carrier of smart city and a new highlight of "Internet +", providing new facilities and convenience for wireless cities, green emission reduction, public security, public services and many other fields, and realizing intelligent upgrading of urban decision-making, management and services.

intelligent street light