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EXC Smart Street Lights On ShenYang Cedar Road


EXC solar street lights were installed in JiuJiang city used to broadcast the policy of no fishing through voice broadcasts in Poyang Lake.

ShenYang continues to optimize the urban road network structure, carry out organic renewal of urban streets, comprehensively rectify urban alleys, take multiple measures to alleviate the problem of difficult parking, and improve green and feasible urban transportation. ShenYang will build No. 22 Road, Yingbin Road and other inter-ring rays; open up Hemu Road, Xiangshan Road, increase cross-railway passages such as Changbai North Road, break the barrier of railways to cross-regional traffic, and update the representative main urban area.

smart street lights

In the project renovation focusing on "two rings, ten horizontal and ten vertical", Cedar Road is the main traffic artery connecting the east and west of Sujiatun District. It is also a cultural landscape avenue that integrates culture and landscape. As early as 2011, this road has officially opened the "Butterfly Change Road". Today, ten years later, according to the specific traffic conditions of Cedar Road, EXC has provided hundreds of Guardiance series smart street lights and multi-functional smart light poles.

smart street light

Different from the general Guardiance series smart street lights, nearly 50 smart multi-functional light poles were added to the street lights in this project to cope with the complex traffic conditions on ShenYang Cedar Road. Multi-functional light poles can be installed not only with road signs, but also with various poles such as public security monitoring and traffic signal light poles, so that city managers can monitor road conditions in real time and take corresponding measures.

According to the actual needs of the project, EXC has built a series of smart multi-functional light poles with a total height of 12 meters and 14 meters for the project. Light poles are divided into lower poles, upper poles, cross arms, lamp arms, etc. The overall color is silver gray, the shape is smooth, and the atmosphere is simple and graceful. The upper poles are uniformly made of aluminum alloy 6061+T6 chute poles. According to actual needs, various poles can be installed in the later stage to reserve the installation position of 5G micro base station. The lower pole is uniformly made of high-quality Q460 high-quality steel, which is sturdy and durable.

EXC smart street light pole

With the AICA CAT.1 single-lamp controller, the street lamps installed on ShenYang Cedar Road can adaptively adjust the brightness of the street lamps according to terminal information such as weather conditions, illumination, traffic flow, vehicle speed, and location. EXC CAT.1 single lamp controller adopts aluminum alloy shell, which has the advantages of powerful function, small size, easy implementation, free wiring, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

Integrate various types of poles such as road lighting poles, traffic sign poles, traffic signal poles, video surveillance poles, tram poles, communication base station poles into one street lamp pole. It not only reduces the occupation of urban space resources caused by repeated construction, reduces construction costs, realizes multi-use and resource sharing with one pole, but also greatly improves the quality of urban functions and services.

smart street lighting

The completion of the "Two Rings, Ten Horizontal and Ten Vertical" projects in Shenyang has made Shenyang Cedar Road more warm and dynamic. Letting citizens have a real sense of happiness and security is also the mission of EXC Streetlight!