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EXC Intelligent Street Lamp Mounted On Hurong Avenue And Helps Build Smart City


Through the implementation of the smart street light project, Yesanguan Town has the functions of urban management and convenience, such as cultural publicity, emergency broadcasting, WIFI coverage, stability maintenance and monitoring.

In today's era of Internet and big data technology, smart street light, as one of the basic public facilities in smart city construction, have become the first "symbol" of wisdom erected in smart cities.

Recently, the intelligent street lamp on Hurong Avenue of Ye SAN Guan in Enshi Badong County was on guard!The street light is an intelligent street lamp with high technology, strong comprehensive function and beautiful appearance design, which integrates wireless WiFi, laser projection and music playing functions into one. It has become the highlight of the most beautiful landscape avenue in Badong County.As the light solution provider of intelligent street lighting and cloud control system of the project, EXC provides the EXC-ECCP4.0 intelligent cloud control platform and smart street light series products for the project, providing management and energy saving twin engines for smart city.

smart street light

There are 100 azalea smart street lamps on both sides of Hurong Avenue, which integrate light show, display screen, camera monitoring and IP broadcasting.The are 19 custom wine bottle lamp pole in the Minxiang road.Through the intelligent cloud control platform of the main control center, each street lamp and landscape lamps can realize the functions of timing switch, brightness adjustment, fault monitoring and alarm, remote monitoring, data collection and other functions, and these functions can also be operated on mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablet computers, truly realize the "control" of street lamp management.

The smart street light in the shape of customized wine bottles is unique in shape and echoes with the culture of Wuling Wine Capital. There is a built-in smart gateway with external monitoring camera, and it is integrated into the control of smart cloud control platform. The effect has been recognized by government leaders!

Petal-shaped intelligent street lamp, the main body of the street lamp petal and lamp pole is installed with landscape lamps, external display screen, IP broadcast, video monitoring, and integrated into the intelligent cloud control platform to achieve remote control and light show performance in holidays.

Intelligent Street Lighting

Adaptive switching on and off lights: It can realize adaptive switching on and off lights according to real-time brightness;

Brightness adjustment: It can achieve brightness power adjustment, so as to achieve energy saving and emission reduction;

Automatic fault and work order distribution: It can realize fault monitoring, automatically locate the fault location, and work order distribution, so as to realize quick maintenance.

Intelligent Security

Through video surveillance, the whole road section can be monitored and covered without dead corners, and the following functions can be achieved:

  1. Behavior monitoring:personnel behavior monitoring, abnormal behavior monitoring and warning linkage;
  2. People flow monitoring: Real-time monitoring and statistics of people flow;
  3. Public security monitoring: Street security monitoring, such as fighting, stealing, knife, illegal stalls and other acts;
  4. Emergency help: In case of an emergency, you can use the one-button call function to realize quick help and respond.

Information Release

Equipped with information release screen and broadcasting system, it can realize the release of government announcements, advertising information, traffic conditions, weather conditions and other information.

Light Show

Intelligent street lamp display screen is equipped with pole landscape lamps, can be controlled by the intelligent cloud control platform for about 10 minutes of light show.

Intelligent control system

For the Intelligent Street Lamp project of Yesanguan in Enshi Badong County, the EXCC-ECCP4.0 intelligent cloud control platform is used for setting and intelligent management of daily operation and maintenance. For example, intelligent analysis of collected data and improvement of control strategy can easily realize intelligent control of energy consumption.

When you go shopping in Yesanguan at night and see these intelligent street lamps, do you feel like walking on the Avenue of stars?Through the implementation of the smart street light project, Yesanguan Town has the functions of urban management and convenience, such as cultural publicity, emergency broadcasting, WIFI coverage, stability maintenance and monitoring.Shenzhen EXC street light technology Co., LTD., committed to building a conservation-oriented and smart city, has established the legend of a prosperous city with innovation and dedication, and outlined the most beautiful "meticulous painting" of smart city in China with intelligent construction.

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