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Smart Street Lights Illuminate Yingxian County


In order to further improve the city's lighting capabilities and improve the lighting effect, the Yingxian county install hundreds of exc smart street lights.

Located in Yingxian County, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, there is a world-famous wooden tower in the north of the county seat, also called Buddha Palace Temple Sakyamuni Tower. It is known as the world's three great towers along with the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. In order to further improve the city's lighting capabilities and improve the lighting effect, the County Public Utilities Development Affairs Center actively responded to the national energy conservation call and put the county's main street landscape lighting renovation and upgrading plan on the agenda. This move not only beautifies the urban environment and enhances the city's taste, but also promotes the rapid development of Yingxian's tourism industry, which in turn promotes economic development.

Tower in Yingxian county

Yingbin North Road and Jincheng Street (the section between Yingbin Road and Lihua Road) in Yingxian County are the main road sections for this project. The section from the middle line of Yingbin North Road to the high-speed intersection is 2.2 kilometers long. The project mainly replaces the original solar street lamp lamp holder and adds supplementary lighting corner lamps and conventional street lamps. New lighting control boxes have been added to all sections.

street lights

EXC outdoor street light illuminates the ancient city

In the project, EXC provided it with EXC-FL-W01 series integrated die-casting floodlight. The street light has a power of 240W, a color temperature of 3000K, a wide range of adjustable luminous angles, a high-strength tempered glass cover, and an anticorrosive coating on the surface. It can cope with all kinds of weather and has excellent weather resistance.

The project also used hundreds of EXC-RL-Z03 Guardiance series LED street lights, the lamp holder adopts waterproof isolation switching power supply, which is safer and more reliable. The unique design of the module serialization is convenient and quick to maintain, and the power expansion is flexible. The anodizing process on the surface of the module improves the corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and perfectly adapts to the four-season climate of Yingxian County.

In addition to replacing street lights, by connecting to the single-lamp controller provided by EXC, intelligent control of lighting street lamps, remote switching, dimming, and real-time monitoring of the running status of each street lamp can be realized to save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and improve work. Efficiency purpose. At the same time, the energy-saving mode can realize the all-night lighting of the road section, which greatly improves the lighting conditions of Yingbin North Road and Jincheng Street in Yingxian County, and obtains the best energy-saving effect while improving the lighting quality.

In order to realize the unified management of street lights, the lighting facilities of the reconstructed road sections are connected to the system platform for unified control. Through the EXC intelligent cloud control platform, the existing street lamps, landscape lamp posts, LED modeling lamp pole pendants and other lighting can be switched on and off in different areas and time periods, and the lighting method can be customized. For conventional street lighting, various control methods can be set according to lighting needs.

Not only the lighting method can realize smart management, but also each street lamp can be monitored through a mobile phone or an intelligent control platform to realize fault alarm and query functions, which greatly improves the level of street lamp management, and improves the detection rate of line accidents and the rate of timely disposal. It has achieved the effect of saving electric energy and improving work efficiency, making street lamp management smarter and more practical. This move also provides convenience for subsequent access to smart manhole covers, environmental monitoring, smart security and other public facilities modules, and then lays the foundation for the unified docking of smart city management integrated platforms in the future.

exc street lights

EXC Smart Street Light Cloud Control Platform

exc smart street lights

In order to better serve city managers, the EXC smart street light cloud control platform is based on smart lighting functions and integrates mobile communications, environmental awareness, video surveillance, emergency help, information release, public WiFi, new energy vehicle charging, and public Facilities management and other functions. Take the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence technology as the core, provide smart management and applications for the daily operation of smart street lights, such as smart operation and maintenance, abnormal crowd perception, emergency management, etc. The system platform fully takes into account the the city manager's experience and provides visual display and management, which is convenient for users to grasp operation status and data in real time, and manage more efficiently and safely.

1. Smart lighting

Adopt artificial neural network-based artificial intelligence algorithms to adaptively adjust the brightness of street lights according to terminal information such as illumination, human flow, vehicle flow, vehicle speed, weather, and location; According to weather conditions, intelligently adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light.

exc smart street lights

2. Smart Security

The intelligent security system adopts network high-definition video compression processing technology, combined with the latest network transmission, high-definition storage, digital intelligent analysis technology, security technology, etc., to perform real-time high-definition of the dynamic conditions of crowded areas, major roads, important intersections, rest areas, etc. Through real-time browsing, recording, intelligent behavior warning and intelligent identification of high-definition images, it is possible to intuitively understand and grasp the security dynamics of the monitored area and improve the level of regional security management.

EXC Smart Street Light Cloud Control Platform

3. Public Broadcasting

Emergency broadcast: through the monitoring center to broadcast emergency information, emergency notices, government affairs, news, etc., so that the masses can understand relevant news in a timely and effective manner;

Linkage broadcasting: Linkage information release screens broadcast linkage information, linkage emergency assistance equipment broadcasts warnings to deter illegal information, etc.;

Autonomous broadcast: Even if the network is disconnected, it can be broadcast independently according to the pre-established broadcast strategy.

4. Atmosphere

Remote controllable, linked to the city lighting platform, brings a brilliant light show to people in the road section, and becomes a beautiful scenery in the city at night.

EXC Street Lights

The city is generously lit up all night, illuminating the way forward for travellers, dispelling darkness and wind and frost, without fear of years. It's dark with lights and pedestrians on the road. It should be the most beautiful scenery in small town life. Yingxian actively responds to the call for the construction of a new type of smart city, truly doing practical things and welcoming the people, and the happiness index of county residents will also rise steadily, just as the slogan flashing on Yingbin Road in Yingxian County-"Millennium wooden tower, glorious for another millennium" !