luminarias led solares
all in one solar street light
solar powered street lamp
led solar street light
integrated solar led street light
luminarias led solares

EXC-CR-Z03 Solar Integrated Powered Street Lamp

EXC-CR-Z03 solar powered street lamp uses high performance lithium battery and polycrystalline solar...

3.2V low voltage design, safe and reliable.

High protection design, IP65 waterproof.

Use lithium battery and polycrystalline solar panel.

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Product Detail
Lamp ModelEXC-CR-Z03
System Power10W20W30W40W
Lithium Battery3.2V 3AH3.2V 5AH3.2V 10AH3.2V 15AH
Solar PanelPolycrystalline 5V 10WPolycrystalline 5V 15WPolycrystalline 5V 25WPolycrystalline 5V 35W
Lamp Bead2835/48PCS2835/96PCS2835/144PCS2835/192PCS
Full Power Lighting Hours6Hrs
Charging Time4-6Hrs
Working Mode100% brightness in first 2Hrs, turn to 20% dim brightness + 30s 70% brightness when PIR detects people pass by in next 10Hrs
Rainy Days3-5 Days
Charging Time1 Day
Working Temperature-20℃〜+60℃
Installation MethodWall Mounted / Pole
Pole Diameter40mm
Recommended Installation Height2.5~3.5m

EXC-CR-Z03 solar powered street lamp has obtained patent design and provides highly competitive solutions based on its high performance, high reliability, and high light control technology. The beautiful shape will also become a unique scenic spot in the residential area.
The photoelectric separation design ensures the stability of each system and avoids heat accumulation.
The solar panel with light assembly is flexible, and the wall installation / lamp pole installation can be selected according to the real conditions.
Convenient installation, multi-mode installation structure.
Protection against electric shock: Class Ⅲ
The solar power led street lamp adopts integrated plastic design, streamlined design, beautiful and generous, suitable for all courtyard lighting, forming an optimal lighting environment.
Integrated design, modular production, and simple installation.
Integrated packaging, convenient transportation, and installation.



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