Street Lighting

Solar LED Street Light Project in Salvador Village


Indonesian customers reported that the local power resources are very scarce, and they hope to purchase a large number of solar led street lights to replace traditional street lights to alleviate local electrical power.

Project background:

The street lights installed in the village have been in use for many years, and many street lights are aging or have various failures and cannot be used. People want to replace the traditional street lights with solar led street lights.

Customer demand:

1. Need lighting, bright enough, it doesn't look like wires are everywhere.

2. Hope to save electricity bills by using solar street lights.

3. The budget is limited, and hope to purchase cost-effective lighting products at a suitable price.

EXC-CR-Z03 solar LED street light

1. 3.2V low voltage design, safe and reliable.

2. High protection design, IP65 waterproof.

3. Use lithium battery and polycrystalline solar panel.

Customer feedback:

solar led street light

solar led street lights

According to the actual installation scene and the biological characteristics of human eyes, the customer chose the most comfortable 100W and 200W solar led street lights with 4000K color temperature. After installation, the brightness is bright enough and the light is very uniform. The customer was very satisfied after the test.