Street Lighting

EXC Provide OEM Services For Australia Solar Street Lighting Project


EXC produce solar streetlights and poles according to customers' specifications. Provide more than 5 years warranty, and products could last 10 years working.

Project Background:

1. Demonstration projects.

2. Customized led street light heads design.

3. The previous projects do not have IoT system, people can not monitor the working status of solar street lights.

Customer Demand:

The customer had specific specifications concerning performance and quality, which were all meet by working closely with EXC.

Solar Sensor Street Light Design:

1. With the customer’s demand, our engineers make the drawing of the solar street lights and poles, try our best to fit the customer’s ideas.

2. Use EXC professional patent designed optics for the light source to fit customer’s projects. Even in the future, the customer has other projects, we could use the same shape optics but wth different optical distribution.

3. The battery box is filled with special glue to meet the IP68 demands.

4. After our engineer calculate the wind resistance level, use 3mm 235B hot-dip galvanizing material to make the pole could meet the demands.

solar street lamp production test EXC

Before the production, all the units have strict test.

 Battery testing EXC

Battery Testing

LED Aging Testing EXC

LED Aging Testing

Charging Testing EXC

Discharging Testing EXC

Actual Operation Charging and Discharging Testing

solar led street lights Test Report EXC

Light Distribution Test Report

IoT System Testing EXC

IoT System Testing EXC

IoT System Testing EXC

 IoT System Testing EXC

IoT System Testing

solar led street lights Test Report EXC

Powder Coating Test Report

solar led street lights delivery EXC

Packages and delivery

In order to have a safe delivery, all products are protected well.

After the cooperation, we already get the approve from our customer, and he said: We have already a OEM Supplier Agreement signed inbetween our two companies but I would like this to be reworked/updated to reflect the expected development of our sales pipeline for 2022. I am about finalizing a final draft of such agreement, I will send to you after I finished it.

I think this is the best affirmation to our cooperation.