Street Lighting

EXC Red Flag Series LED Street Lights in Indonesia


Indonesian customers reported that the local power resources are very scarce, and they hope to purchase a large number of solar led street lights to replace traditional street lights to alleviate local electrical power.

Project Background:

1. Electricity is in short supply. In order to save electricity, the local government uses solar led street lights on newly built roads.

2. The power lines of the engineering land have not been laid out yet, so choose to use solar led street lights

Customer demand:

1. Four lanes require luminous flux of 20,000 lumens.

2. Long lighting mode, and need to light up at least three rainy days.

3. Three-year warranty.

EXC-RL-Z01 (Red Flag series)

1. This led street light can be equipped with solar panel

2. Adopt high-quality imported optical-grade materials.

3. Protection against electric shock: Class 1.

4. Use well-known brand waterproof isolation switching power supply.

5. IP66 waterproof.

install solar led street light

solar led street light

solar led street lights

Client feedback:

1. The lighting effect is very good.

2. Compared with traditional street lights, solar street lights are very simple to install, and the construction period is greatly shortened.