Park Lighting

EXC Smart Street Lights Illuminate the National Grid Science and Technology Park


EXC smart street light project for State Grid Pinggao Group has been successfully completed and accepted, and won unanimous praise from users and it has written a new chapter for the smart street lamp of State Grid.

Recently, the smart street lamp project of State Grid Pinggao Group, which is located in Tianjin and Pingdingshan Comprehensive energy Industrial Park, provided smart street lamp products and smart management platform by EXC, has been successfully completed and accepted, which has won unanimous praise from users and it has written a new chapter for the smart street lamp of State Grid.

Project introduction

Pinggao Group Co., Ltd. is a switch research and development and manufacturing enterprise directly under the State Grid Corporation of China. After more than 40 years of innovation and development, Pinggao has become a research and development and manufacturing base of China′s low and medium voltage, high voltage, ultra-high voltage and extra-high-voltage switch major equipment. It is a major technical equipment pillar enterprise of national electrical industry and a national large-scale enterprise.

The smart street lamp project of Tianjin and Pingdingshan comprehensive energy Industrial Park belongs to the comprehensive energy service business section of Pinggao Group, and is the smart street lamp technology demonstration project that Pinggao Group will focus on in 2020.

EXC smart street light

As a solution provider of smart lighting and cloud control system,SHENZHEN EXC-LED TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD provides systematic and integrated services of global perception, information release and terminal management for Tianjin and Pingdingshan Comprehensive energy Industrial Park, and built a comprehensive demonstration project of Pinggao Group comprehensive energy with high standards.

Willow leaf smart street lamp, independently developed and designed by EXC, integrates major emergency guarantee, adaptive intelligent lighting, all-domain big data, revolutionary optical design, intelligent color temperature regulation, block chain safety network and other technical features, and is suitable for urban main roads and secondary roads. The silver smart lamp pole is set up in the park, which can monitor the surrounding area, obtain the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other meteorological data of the park and display them on the display screen, and remotely control the color, light and shade and switch of lights.

The customized wind-solar street lamp is the highlight of the project, which can use solar and wind energy to generate electricity without connecting the power supply. The generator adopts the patented permanent magnet rotor alternator with special stator design, which can effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator and improve the efficiency of wind energy. It will help promote the development of clean energy and accelerate the building of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

EXC street light

In addition, the 44 light poles in Tianjin and Pingdingshan can be set up and daily operation and maintenance can be intelligently managed through EXC-ECCP4.0 intelligent light pole control cloud platform of EXC. For example, intelligent analysis of collected data and improvement of control strategy can easily achieve intelligent control of energy consumption. It can also realize innovative intelligent applications, such as public facility management and emergency perception, with smart lamp pole hardware itself.

Pinggao group and EXC are in the critical period of actively exploring the business model and carefully planning the construction of high-quality projects. On the basis of the successful cooperation, the two sides have reached a long-term strategic cooperation consensus, formed high-quality innovative cooperation partners, further deepened resource utilization, actively improved the level of strategic coordination, and achieved mutual complementarity, good interaction, and mutual benefit.