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EXC Help SoJo Group Build the Smart Park


To help SoJo Group creat the most advanced digital factory and smart park, EXC-the leading outdoor lighting products manufacturer provide smart street lights, solar street lights, and garden lights.

exc help build smart park

At 9:30 on the morning of October 22, the commissioning ceremony of SoJo Group's digital factory officially opened. This marks the official landing of the first park smart street light demonstration project in Anhui Province jointly created by EXC Streetlight and State Grid Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd.

EXC manager took the conference

Wang Weiyi, Vice President and General Manager of Smart Road Lighting Division of EXC, Deng Yongcai, Sales Director of East China Region of Smart Road Lighting Division, and Zhang Lei, Director of East China Region of Smart Road Lighting Division in Anhui Province were invited to attend the event. After the event, Wang Weiyi, Vice President and General Manager of Smart Road Lighting Division of EXC, and Li Wenfang, General Manager of Hefei Branch of State Grid Integrated Energy, further exchanged views on smart street lighting cooperation.

Beijing SoJo Group has established the "SoJo Group Second Headquarters and Smart Grid High-end Equipment R&D and Manufacturing "Base" in Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui Province to create SoJo Group's most advanced digital factory and smart park at home and abroad, integrating smart manufacturing, green and environmental protection.  

smart park

A total of 14 sets of willow-shaped smart street lights from EXC Streetlight were used in the project. The willow-leaf smart street lamp developed by EXC is mainly suitable for urban arterial roads, Yingbin Avenue, highways, blocks and other places. Willow-shaped smart street lights are used at the gates of the park. As the name suggests, the willow-leaf series of smart street lights are shaped like willow leaves, which are pleasing to the eye and unforgettable, adding a touch of vitality to the park.

willow-shaped smart street light

willow-shaped smart street light

The project uses 140 sets of EXC banner series smart street lights. All roads in the SoJo Science and Technology Park use the banner series of smart street lights. In addition to the basic functions of smart lighting, the flag series smart street lights also have functions such as smart security, information release, and public broadcasting, which can better monitor the trajectory of traffic and ensure the safe deployment and information exchange of personnel in the park to the greatest extent.

smart street light

banner series smart street light

Solar street lights are used on the periphery of the park, a total of 41 sets. EXC shares integrated solar street light adopts a new 2.4G/infrared remote control design, the controller parameters can be modified and system information can be read through the handheld device. Green, energy-saving, and high-efficiency have always been the quality pursued by EXC. The solar lamp uses brand Class A lithium batteries with a service life of thousands of times. High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon wafers make the service life of solar lights up to nearly 30 years.

In the later construction of the park, EXC will continue to provide services, including 9 sets of high pole lights for basketball courts, 26 sets of garden lights for science and technology trees, tunnel lighting in the charging carport, and landscape lighting for the main office building.

smart factory

In order to be able to continuously cooperate with SoJo Group, EXC Co., Ltd. locally deploys a smart street lamp control platform for SoJo Science and Technology Park, taking this opportunity to help the energy-saving transformation of smart street lamps and road lighting in Changfeng County.