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EXC Smart Street Lamp Illuminate Yichang Guobin Garden


To help SoJo Group creat the most advanced digital factory and smart park, EXC-the leading outdoor lighting products manufacturer provide smart street lights, solar street lights, and garden lights.

About a century has passed since Henry Ford built the first production line and started producing Ford Model T cars. For a hundred years, oil-powered cars have become the main way people travel. Most of us will experience a gradual transition from traditional cars to electric cars in the next few decades, and electric cars will be one of the most obvious changes. Electric vehicles have quickly become popular due to their advantages of being more energy-efficient, cheaper and safer, and have become the best choice for short-distance travel.

Yichang guobin garden

Although electric cars are all good, battery life has become a common trouble for car owners. In order to meet the needs of the owners and improve the happiness index of the community, Yichang Guobin Garden has established an electric car charging station, and installed EXC smart street lamps for the charging station to make charging convenient and safe for the people.

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Yichang Guobin Garden Hotel, a state-owned enterprise, is located in the high-tech development zone of Yichang City, with convenient transportation.

This time, EXC Streetlight shares specially built the Guardiance series smart street lamp for the charging station of Yichang Guobin Garden. It is 8 meters high, adopts a contoured double-arm design, and has a lamp head power of 100W. It can realize remote lighting management through the NB wireless solution. The black smart light poles are dazzling and tall in the park. The overall shape is like stretched wings, without fear of wind and rain, day and night. EXC smart street lamps can issue important notices and promotional information, and can also remotely intelligently control the brightness of the lights and switches to guard the charging Every car at the station.

exc smart street lamp

The pole of street light is 8 meters high, matched with EXC solar single light controller, which has the advantages of high performance and low energy consumption. The street lamp reaches the dustproof and waterproof level, with a radiator, the overall design is safer, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

exc smart street lamp

Guardiance series smart street lamps and street lights each have an outdoor P4 full-color single-sided screen, which supports brightness adjustment, synchronous display, audio output and other functions. While having practicality, it also ensures the viewing and interestingness of smart street lamps. .

The smart street lamp is based on a lighting pole. The hardware pole body integrates functional modules such as smart lighting, information release, and public broadcasting, and reserves installation conditions such as 5G micro base stations, manhole cover monitoring, stagnant water monitoring, and lamp pole tilt alarms. The software supporting the smart light pole management and control platform, with the latest Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence technology as the core, provides visual display and management, which facilitates real-time grasp of operating status and data, and realizes smart management of the city.

1. Emergency protection

Using computing technology and fuzzy inference technology. Through the global perception of the terminal tip, it helps city managers to respond to major events. Based on EXC's own platform, the APDA system, a global perception auxiliary decision-making system developed, combines real-time situational awareness of key areas at the edge and assists city managers Carry out collaborative management and support processing of lighting, communication, perception, early warning, etc., which greatly enhance the capability of major emergency support.

2. Adaptive smart lighting

The ANNA system, an adaptive lighting system based on artificial neural network technology, can perceive vehicle flow, vehicle speed, human flow, etc. through the periphery, and integrate factors such as illumination, weather, location, and time. It can also adjust the proper brightness of the street lights adaptively according to the vehicle speed, traffic, environment, etc., to ensure driving safety, energy conservation and environmental protection to the greatest extent.

3. Spatio-temporal Big Data

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Based on cloud computing technology, establish an integrated global time and space from infrastructure, data, platform to service, effectively manage video, audio and big data in various applications, and support the effective operation of various smart services. And according to the demand for processing, storage, management, and binding time and location information, the EXC smart street lamps can effectively meet the needs of various applications.

exc smart street lamps

Smart street lamps at Charging Station in Guobin Garden, Yichang City

As a provider of intelligent lighting and cloud control system solutions, EXC Streetlight provides systematic and integrated global perception, information release, and terminal management services for the new construction of the Guobin Garden charging station in Yichang City, and builds a high-standard energy comprehensive demonstration project. On the basis of the success of this joint effort, the two companies reached a consensus on long-term strategic cooperation and formed high-quality innovative partners to achieve complementary advantages, good interaction, mutual benefit and win-win results.