automated street lighting system
smart city streetlights sensors
5g smart street lights
automated street lighting system

Spirit Finches Intelligent LED Road Lights Series

Smart public lighting is an essential part of any city or village resident service. Mark that our ci...

Intelligent fault warning and maintenance

Adaptive lighting, maximum energy saving.

Smart cities gather sensing nodes.

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Application: Mainly used in urban main roads, avenues, highways, streets and so on.
Function Support: Smart Lighting, Smart Security, Information Release, Public Broadcasting, Public WiFi, Emergency Help, Smart Environment, Car Charging,Phone Charging, Smart Perception, Reserve 5G Micro Base Station Installation Position, Situational Atmosphere;

1. Smart lighting

Using artificial neural network-based artificial intelligence algorithms to adaptively adjust the brightness of street lights according to terminal information such as illumination, human flow, vehicle flow, vehicle speed, weather, and location.

2. Emergency support

Based on AICA's own platform, the AICA Global Perception Aided Decision System (APDA System), combined with edge computing technology, can help city managers respond to major public safety incidents through the perception of terminals.

3. Smart Security

Combining the latest network transmission, high-definition storage, and digital intelligent analysis technology, real-time high-definition video monitoring of the dynamic conditions of densely populated areas, major roads and important roads.

4. Public WIFI

Smart street lights provide WIFI coverage for the city and convenient wireless Internet services.



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