4 Main Advantages of All In One Solar Street Light


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Solar powered products are getting more and more attention. As we know, solar energy is renewable and environmentally friendly. If you have ever noticed the lighting projects in the city even rural areas, solar street lights are becoming the main light systems. Solar street lights are powered by solar panels, the solar panels can convert the solar energy into electrical energy, then the rechargeable battery store the electrical energy during the day. In the night, the battery will charge the solar powered street lights. All in one solar street light, all in two solar street light, two in one solar street light are main solar street lamps in the market. Among these three street lighting systems, all in one integrated solar street light would be the first choice of most people. What are the advantagtes of integrated solar street light? This article will guide you to know more about the advantages of all in one solar street lights.

all in one solar street light

All in one solar street light is composed of controller, solar panel, battery, lighting fixture. The battery and controller are installed inside the lighting fixture, while the solar panel is installed on the top of the lighting system. so we can also call it integrated solar street light.

1. High performance lithium battery

The integrated solar street light has an ultra-long life of 8 years. It uses the lithium battery, while the split type solar street light uses lead acid batteries. Compared with some ordinary battery products that need to be replaced in two years, the future after-sales service and component replacement costs of the all in one solar street light can be greatly reduced. No battery replacement or maintenance required within 8 years.

2. Simple installation

The installation of all in one solar street light is very simple. No need for extra cable and burying lines. It is less inexpensive and save much cost. Traditional solar street lights need a lot of construction work such as pipe threading, cabling and so on. All in one solar street light installation take less time, it can be installed within few hours.

3. Easy maintenance

When the solar street light need maintenance, the traditional street light manufacturers need to check which part of the light is wrong. Some factories will not send their technical workers due to high costs. While all in one solar street light manufacturer just send the whole integrated lamp to replace the broken one. It’s simple and require low technical requirements. You can replace your own street light in the yard without the support of the technical staff.

4. Low cost

Solar street light is powered by solar energy which is an one time investment and long-term benefits. Electrical street lights consume a lot of power and energy every year. This kind of solar street lamp can recognize full-automatic control, no necessity personnel management, to spare administration cost. So the all in one solar street light price will not be very high.