How to Maintain Solar Street Lights?


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With the advancement of technology, solar street lights gradually become an important choice for street lighting. Using solar street lights has many benefits, such as energy saving, environmental protection, safer and stability, and easy installation, etc.

To extend the service life of solar street lights, in addition to ensuring quality during manufacturing and correct installation, follow-up maintenance is also very important.

How do we maintain solar street lights?

Tips for maintaining solar street light

Solar street lights use solar energy as energy source. These devices are outdoors, which means they will be greatly affected by natural factors. After using for a long time, the solar panel is too dusty and often covered by snow in winter, causing the photoelectric conversion rate reduced and the charging as well as battery power are insufficient. Therefore, after installing the solar street lights, personnel should be regularly organized to conduct detailed inspections on the solar panels in all aspects. This is also to keep the solar panels running in good working conditions for a long time, to ensure the normal use of the street lights, and to create more economic benefits.

EXC solar street lights

Here are some tips to check the condition of the solar panel.

1. Check whether the panel is damaged, find the issue and replace it in time.

2. Examine the connection wire and the ground wire of the panel, to see whether they are in good contact or any falling off.

3. Have a look at the bracket, to know if it's loose or broken.

4. Inspect whether there is any covering around or on the surface of the solar panel.

5. Pay attention to the dust on the panel surface, clean it if necessary.

In addition to the cleaning and protection of the solar panels, the battery of the solar street light must be maintained too.

Tips for maintaining the battery of solar street light are as below

1. In situation of strong wind, heavy rain, hail, heavy snow, etc., measures should be taken to protect the solar battery modules to avoid damage.

2.After strong wind, heavy rain or heavy snow, immediately check whether the solar panel is displaced, whether there is water enters or accumulates in the control system and the battery box. If there is thunderstorm, check whether the device is working properly and whether the charge and discharge controller is damaged.

3. The surface of the solar battery module should be kept clean frequently. If there is dust, it should be rinsed with clean water first and then gently wiped dry with a clean gauze. Do not rinse with hard objects or corrosive solvents.

4. The battery pack used with solar battery components should be used in strict accordance with the battery maintenance methods.

5. Regularly check the wiring of the solar street light circuit system to avoid loose wiring.

6. Regularly check the grounding resistance of solar street lights.

Common problems and maintenance methods of solar street lights

Problem 1: Issues about solar street lights not turning on

1. Possible faulty parts: LED light source, solar controller, battery and solar panels.

2. Solutions:

(1) Firstly, check whether the wiring terminals of the lamps are loose.

(2) Remove the LED light source and connect it to the battery or DC12v power supply to see if the light is working properly. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles. If the light does not light, it means that the LED light is faulty. The LED light needs to be replaced. While if the light is on, the controller or battery is faulty.

(3) Measure the battery power. If it is lower than 11v, it means the controller is in the protection state, and the lamp is fully charged before use. If it is higher than 11v, the controller is faulty and the controller needs to be replaced.

Problem 2: LED lights only working for a short time

1. Possible faulty parts: solar controller, solar panel.

2. Solutions:

(1) Maybe the solar controller is set incorrectly, try to reset it after professional knowledge.

(2) If there is dust on the solar panel, clean the dust to make it provide power generation efficiency.

(3) If the problem caused by rainy weather such as raining more than 3 days, the lights will return to normal when the weather is clear.

Problem 3: The LED light not providing enough brightness

1. Possible faulty parts: lampshade, LED light

2. Solutions:

(1) Clean the lampshade to make it clean.

(2) Clean the dirt on the contact part between the positive electrode of the light source and the spring to make it conductive.

Actually, if there is any problem with the solar street lamp, it is best to find the manufacturer to repair it. If the warranty period has passed, then you should also look for a professional solar street light installer and maintenance personnel to check and solve the issue.