How Solar Street Lamp Bring Benefits to cities?


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Solar energy is a clean, efficient and inexhaustible new energy source. In the new reality, governments of all countries regard the utilization of solar energy resources as an important part of the national sustainable development strategy. The photovoltaic power generation has the advantages of safety, reliability, no noise, no pollution, less restriction, low failure rate, and easy maintenance.  

solar street lamp

Solar street lamp is the main lighting system in the city lighting project. Outdoor solar street lamp plays a key role in building sustainable communities. These solar street lamps offer high-efficiency LED lights. Or you can choose street light combined with smart system which can realize public WIFI, mobile phone charging, emergency help, public broadcasting.

1. Provide illumination in remote areas and enhance the charm of public environment

Solar street lamp provides lighting for the cities. However, in some rural areas, there is no lighting system. Considering the cost, maintenance and many other factors, lighting system installation in rural areas is suspended. Solar power street lamp is easy to install and maintenance-free, which is suitable for rural areas. It not only decreases the crime rates but also reduce car accidents. Well-designed facades always need a good lighting solution for better ambiance and so that it will be noticed by tourists. The solar street lamp can enhance the charm of the public environment and increase public activities in the night.

2. Economical choice

Solar street lighting system is economical and sustainable. Solar street lights need minimal operational costs. Installation and maintenance of conventional solar street lamps is rather complicated. There are complicated operating procedures. First, cables must be laid. Here, a large number of basic works such as excavation of cable trenches, laying of concealed pipes, threading in the pipes, and backfilling must be carried out. Then carry out a long-term installation and debugging, if any of the lines has a problem, a large area of rework is required. In addition, the terrain and lines are complex, and the labor and auxiliary materials are costly. On the contrary, solar street lamp require almost zero maintenance and the installation is easy, which can reduce a lot of maintenance cost.

economical solar energy

LED solar street lights operates more efficiently during work. The older fixtures tend to waste light, as they do not have proper task lighting. They light in all directions. LED lights in solar lights have specific lighting features that can lighting the roads in specific directions. So the LED lighting fixture consumes less electricity.

3. Solar energy-sustainable and environmentally friendly

Solar street lamp uses renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, which contribute a lot to the sustainable development of the cities. Since wire trenching isn’t required, outdoor solar street light also avoids environmental damage during installation and maintenance. It brings long-term benefits to the cities.