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all in one solar street lighting

EXC-CR-Z02 All In One Integrated Solar Street Light

EXC-CR-Z02 all in one integrated solar street light with motion sensor is used for secondary road li...

Class A Lithium (LifePO4) battery, cycle life ≧2000 times.

High-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel, lifespan ≧ 25 years.

Elevation Angle of solar panel and lamp can be adjusted.

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Product Detail
Lamp ModelEXC-CR-Z02
System Power20W40W60W80W
LiFePO4 Battery76.8Wh/12.8V153.6Wh/12.8V230.4Wh/12.8V307.2Wh/12.8V
Mono Solar Panel18V/30W18V/45W18V/60W18V/75W
Lighting Soucre3030 128pcs3030 256pcs3030 384pcs3030 512pcs
Working Time3-5 Raining Days
Charging Time4-6Hrs
Working ModeIn first two hours, Keep 50% brightness,turn to 100% brightness for 30 seconds when people pass by, In next 10 hours, Keep 30% brightness,turn to 70% brightness for 30 seconds when people pass by
MaterialAluminum Body
Working Temperature-20℃〜+60℃
Installation Methodpole
Diameter for Pole60mm60mm80mm80mm
Install Height4~5M5-6M6〜7M7〜8M
Waranty Period3 Years

EXC-CR-Z02 all in one solar powered led street lights with motion sensor are designed by EXC for outdoor road lighting.
With dimming function, Power can be adjusted 0%-100% ;
Very low dormant current, easy long-distance transportation and storage.
Various intelligent control schemes can be set up, energy saving and environmental protection.
Equiped with MPPT controller,High-precision digital boost constant current control, high efficiency and high accuracy of constant current, which ensure longer lifespan of the battery.
Aluminum alloy housing, IP65 waterproof rating, can be used in a variety of harsh environments .
Works with low standby electric current, convenient for long-distance transportation and storage;



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