2020 China Lighting Forum Was Held Successfully in Suzhou
to Promote and Cultivate New Driving Force of the Lighting Industry


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In order to promote the high-quality development of the industry and cultivate new driving force of industry development, the ″2020 China Lighting Forum-Semiconductor Lighting Innovation Application and Smart Lighting Development Forum″ hosted by the China Illuminating Engineering Society was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province from November 9th to 11th, 2020. At the same time, the forum held the establishment ceremony of the Cultural Tourism Lighting Professional Committee of the China Illuminating Engineering Society and the first Cultural Tourism Lighting Integration Development Forum, the Eighth National Membership Congress and the First Council Conference of the Eighth Session of China Illuminating Engineering Society, and the 15th China Lighting Award Presentation Ceremony, etc. Zheng Xianxue, the Marketing VP of Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Mingyu, Product Technical Director, and Wen Caiping, Brand Director, participated in the grand event to discuss the opportunities and challenges of healthy lighting, cultural tourism lighting, and smart lighting in the context of ″new infrastructure″.

Liu Zhenglei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the China Illuminating Engineering Society, delivered a speech as the representative of the organizer. Dou Linping, Secretary-General of China Illuminating Engineering Society, presided over the opening ceremony and made a summary of the conference. Jiang Fengyi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice President of Nanchang University, Director of National Engineering Technology Research Center for LED on Si Substrate, Professor of School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, Vice Chairman of International Commission on Illumination (CIE), Vice Chairman of China Illuminating Engineering Society, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Illuminating Society Hao Luoxi, Qu Guojun, Chief Lighting Engineer of CCTV, Director of Intelligent Control Professional Committee of China Illuminating Engineering Society, Xiao Hui of Tongji University, Liang Shuying, Master Supervisor of School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University, Qu Hanbing, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Research Center of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. More than 20 guests made special academic report sharing, related experts in the field of smart lighting, representatives of urban lighting management departments, representatives of provincial and municipal lighting societies, representatives of domestic lighting planning and design colleges and research units, and representatives of major domestic lighting companies, a total of more than 500 people gathered together to provide advice on the application and development prospects of smart lighting in different fields and the development direction of the semiconductor lighting industry.

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In the speech session, Product Technical Director Liu Mingyu, made the release of new technologies and new products with the theme ″Love Lights, Love Cities, Smart IoT″. With the core of intelligence and Internet of Things control technology, EXC has intensively developed in the fields of smart light poles and Internet of Things applications, smart landscape lighting, smart lights and smart lighting.

Director Liu Mingyu reviewed the development process and iterative upgrades of the EXC smart cloud control platform, and introduced the technical advantages and classic application cases of the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart cloud control platform in depth. EXC-ECCP4.0 smart cloud control platform, adopts the latest Internet of Things and artificial intelligence AI technology, including smart lighting, smart street lights, smart sanitation, smart scenic spots and other subsystems, with powerful business and massive data analysis and processing capabilities, greatly improving the degree of urban smart management. EXC smart street lights with an IoT smart ecosystem that integrates smart lighting, 5G micro base stations, environmental information collection, smart monitoring, smart municipal administration, etc., has realized the implementation of 5G smart city construction in Shenzhen, Chaoyang, Yancheng, and Chengde, Tianjin and other places.

In terms of smart landscape lighting, Director Liu Mingyu focused on new technologies such as WGT smart dimming, LFF fault feedback, ultra-long-distance power supply, UTC control, and released new products such as transparent point light, ultra-thin series, and ultra-narrow series. In terms of smart lighting, he mainly released new product series such as fishnet 30 video screen and curtain 30 video screen, and shared new technologies such as PLC-based high-speed video stream decoding and network-based automatic discovery.

EXC′s speeches were splendid in the venue, and there were also highlights in the exhibition area outside the venue. The multifunctional display screen and cultural wall showed the powerful smart integration functions and applications of the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart cloud control platform, and the guests had a more intuitive experience of the EXC smart cloud control platform and once again felt the technical strength and entrepreneurial spirit of EXC.

With the lively exchanges among the guests, the conference came to an end. A series of activities including the Eighth National Membership Congress and the First Council Conference of the Eighth Session of the China Illuminating Engineering Society were held concurrently with the conference. The eighth council and the new leadership body were elected after election. As a member of the China Illuminating Engineering Society, EXC had always supported the development of the society, and gathered together with experts, scholars, designers, manufacturers, and engineering companies related to production, education, research and use of the society to share friendship and talk about development.

With the deepening of the construction of smart cities across the country, the importance of smart lighting has become more and more obvious. The smoothly holding of this forum and exchange conference will play an important role in promoting the innovation and development of the national lighting industry and it encourages the traditional lighting companies to seize new opportunities in the industry and achieve transformation and upgrading.

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