Five Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Outdoor Solar Street Lamp


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Outdoor solar street lamps are mainly designed for road street lighting. Traditional street lights use city electricity. City circuit lights are not only complicated to install, require high electricity and maintenance costs, and have potential safety hazards. Nowadays, people are pursuing new energy-saving and environmentally friendly resources, outdoor solar street lamps are gradually replacing city circuit lights, this energy-saving and environmentally friendly product has attracted the attention of the whole society as soon as it went on the market. Outdoor solar street lamps use sunlight as energy, consisting of solar panels, controllers, batteries, light sources and other components. During the day, solar panels will absorb solar energy and convert the solar energy into electrical energy for storage in batteries. At night, the battery will provide electricity to the street lights. During the installation of outdoor solar street lamps, some construction workers at the grassroots level did not know much about the solar lamps and installed them at will. As a result, the solar panels could not be charged or charged very little, so the outdoor solar street lamps could not be turned on or the lighting hours can’t meet the requirement. We have summarized some mistakes that are easy to make when installing street lights, and hope to help everyone.

outdoor solar street lamp

1. The solar panel is facing the wrong direction

Generally, outdoor solar street lamp manufacturers are designed with a 45-degree inclination angle to ensure a better charging capacity in winter. However, the direction angle is determined during installation. When the solar panel is assembled underground, it is found that the angle is deviated after the pole is erected. If it is almost the same, it will generally not be adjusted. Such an angle deviation not only affects the charging view, but also affects the solar panel voltage under the same illuminance, which will cause a relatively large error in the turn-on time of the outdoor solar street lamp. Therefore, when assembling on the ground, try to adjust the azimuth angle of the solar panel to be consistent.

Solution: First determine the direction of the light source, and then determine the orientation of the solar panel. When installing the solar panel, it should be installed facing south (the direction with the most sunlight. Also, different installation angles have an impact on the power generation of photovoltaic modules. The latitude of the installation site should be considered.

outdoor solar street lamp installation angle

2. Solar panel is covered or placed indoors for charging

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the working principle of outdoor solar street lamps. Solar street lights mainly rely on solar panels to absorb solar energy to provide electricity. If there is something covering the top of the solar panel, the efficiency of the solar panel to absorb solar energy will be greatly reduced. Street lights may not reach the lighting time designed at the beginning. Some customers even install solar street lights indoors. If installed indoors, solar street lights will not work at all. Because solar panels can’t absorb sunlight, naturally they cannot convert sunlight into electricity.

solar street light

3. Install outdoor solar street lamps on rainy days

In order to eagerly see the lighting effect, many engineering companies will choose to install street lights on cloudy and rainy days. The new battery is not fully charged when it leaves the factory, if the light is turned on after the installation is completed on a cloudy or rainy day, and the light only consumes power without charging, it will not reach the number of cloudy and rainy days required by the design. The correct way is to install the light on sunny days.

4. Wrong use of the remote control

Some construction workers do not use the controller remote control correctly, just press it randomly to ensure that the light is on and then ignore it. In fact, this is a very wrong operation. The wrong parameters may have been set while pressing randomly, resulting in long lighting time or too short lighting time. We should find a professional solar street light manufacturer. The technical strength and after-sales service of powerful manufacturers are trustworthy.

5. Place the solar street lamp besides the light source

outdoor solar street light

There are other light sources next to the solar street light (as shown in the figure below). When night falls, the light source next to it turns on, causing the solar panel of the solar street light to detect the light source and mistake it for daytime. At this time, the controller will not let the solar street lamp turn on.