EXC Contributes to the Development of the Smart Pole Industry
with the Dual Guarantee of Smart Manufacturing and Technological Innovation


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On July 31, the China (Shanghai) 5G+ Smart Pole Industry Development Seminar and the ″Shenzhen Cup″ China′s 2nd International Smart Pole Design Competition East China Preaching Event was held in Shanghai. Wang Weiyi, General Manager of the Internet of Things Application Sales Center of Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd., Zhai Liping, Deputy General Manager, and Kuang Xinbo, Deputy General Manager, as well as the sales teams of Central China and Eastern China were invited to participate in this event. General manager Wang Weiyi, shared the theme of Smart Pole ″IOT″ Everything at the meeting, comprehensively showing the powerful intelligent integration, technological innovation, and operation and maintenance management solutions of EXC Smart Light Pole Management Cloud Platform.

Industry conference

Li Liping, Chairman of the Construction Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jin Xiufeng, Vice Chairman of the China Security and Protection Industry Association, Dou Linping, Secretary-General of the China Illuminating Society, Zhang Wenping, Director of the Radio Management Division of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, and Bao Shidu, Dean of Environmental Art Design Research Institute of Donghua University addressed the conference.

Li Liping said that the construction of smart poles is part of the construction of new infrastructure and smart cities. The smart pole industry should integrate reality and actively promote the development of smart pole technology.

Jin Xiufeng pointed out that in 2020, the new infrastructure has received unprecedented policy support, and the new infrastructure has officially risen to the national strategic level, which truly empowers the smart pole as a carrier of smart city construction.

Dou Linping, combined with the promotion and landing of this smart pole design competition, emphasizing that smart poles have become urban landscapes and infrastructure. Therefore, the design and planning must be forward-looking and innovative.

Zhang Wenping highlighted the local standards for smart poles on the spot, and said frankly that he would learn from Shanghai through research and study. Shanghai has experience in top-level design, industry planning, and system layout in the construction of 5G new infrastructure and road integrated poles. Shenzhen will also learn from the excellent experience of Shanghai and other parts of the country, and aim at a goal of new infrastructure and vigorously promote the development of the smart pole industry and 5G new infrastructure

At the same time as the conference, a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held. Zhai Liping, deputy general manager of EXC′s Internet of Things Application Sales Center, as the signing representative, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Donghua University Environmental Art Design Research Institute.

Industry conference

In the corporate forum session, Wang Weiyi, general manager of EXC′s Internet of Things Application Sales Center, shared the theme of Smart Poles ″IOT″ Everything, explaining the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart light pole management cloud platform system architecture, program design, technical features, and applications, effectively integrates smart city infrastructure with functions such as mobile communication, environmental Perception, video surveillance, emergency help, information release, public WiFi, new energy vehicle charging, and public facility management. It can not only provide systematic and integrated global perception, information release, and terminal management services for the new smart city, but also provide high-quality site resources for the large-scale deployment of 5G base stations, and also realize the open sharing of smart city infrastructure resources.

Under the strategic deployment of the country to promote new infrastructure, smart poles have become the public infrastructure for urban information construction in the 5G era, helping cities achieve smart management and control and interconnection of everything. EXC co-organized this event, and has contributed to the development of the smart pole industry with the dual guarantee of smart manufacturing and technological innovation.

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