The Night of EXC Was Held Successfully


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The ″Night Tour in Henan, Brilliant Henan″ 2020 Henan Cultural Tourism Night Tour Economic Special Conference was held in Zhengzhou on August 13. Wang Weiyi, General Manager of the Internet of Things Application Sales Center of Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd., and Kuang Xinbo, the Internet of Things Application Sales Center Deputy General Manager, Li Chao, R&D Director of Intelligent Research Institute, Wang Xu, Director of the Internet of Things Application Sales Center, and the R&D Technology team and central China sales team were invited to attend. General Manager Wang Weiyi delivered a speech at the dinner of ″The Night of EXC″. Director Li Chao, shared the theme of ″EXC-ECCP4.0 Smart Scenic Sites Cloud Control Platform″ at the conference.

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In the sharing session, Director Li Chao introduced the ″EXC-ECCP4.0 Smart Scenic Sites Cloud Control Platform″. He pointed out that with the further development of the ″night tour economy″, new requirements have been put forward for the smart management and control of tourist attractions.

The smart scenic sites cloud control platform developed by EXC can use new technologies such as new-generation mobile communications, big data, cloud computing, AI, etc., to monitor the geographic objects, natural resources, tourist behaviors, staff tracks of scenic sites, providing comprehensive, thorough and timely perception of infrastructure of scenic sites and service facilities and , and establishing an effective and unified management, service, and marketing information system, creating a large smart platform covering scenic sites. Ultimately, it will improve the experience and satisfaction of tourists in the scenic sites and realize the sustainable development of the scenic areas.

″The Night of EXC″ had been held successfully in Henan, an important transportation junction and the center of people flow and logistics in the country. General manager Wang Weiyi delivered a speech at the dinner, welcoming all the guests, and celebrating the first cultural and tourism economy special conference in Henan Province, wishing everyone to have a pleasant evening at ″the Night of EXC″. In addition, EXC displayed the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart cloud control platform at the event site, attracting participants to personally experience the intelligent operation, and to have a more intuitive understanding of the functional interface and operation process of the cloud control platform.

The night time economy is not only a microcosm of the city′s development level and taste, but also one of the modern urban formats. EXC helped to create a number of special cultural tourism projects such as Wenzhou Oujiang night tour lighting, Zhengzhou Qianxi Plaza and other characteristic cultural tourism projects. At the same time, it innovated and developed a smart cloud control platform to provide smart management and control solutions for cultural night tourism.

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At the beginning of this year, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic caused severe damage to the cultural travel industry. Many cultural travelers have begun to deploy the ″new twelve hours″ of cultural tourism and explore new economic modes for night travel. As urbanites are increasingly looking forward to the consumption of night travel items, the ″night tour economy″ has become a new blue ocean in the cultural travel market. As an important measure to ″stimulate the potential for a new round of consumption upgrading″, the promotion of the ″night tour economy″ is an initiative to adjust the economic structure of the tourism industry, and to actively respond to supply-side structural reforms. It is also a new economic growth point. This night tour economic conference attracted more than 20 cultural and tourism authorities such as Xuchang Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, Hebi Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, Gongyi Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, and hundreds of cultural and tourism enterprises in and outside the province to come to discuss night tour projects construction, exploring how to create a new mode of construction, operation and management of night tour projects.