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aluminum alloy body street lights

EXC Street Light Owl Series

Owl street road lights series designed by LED street light manufacturer-EXC, provide road lighting s...

High-power and high-quality LED light source, brand power supply.

With the integrated design of the radiator and the lamp housing, the LED and the housing are tightly connected, through the housing heat dissipation wings and air convection, the service life of the LED street light is fully guaranteed to be 50,000 hours.

It adopts standard ADC 12 die-cast aluminum, which is environmentally friendly, free of lead, mercury and other polluting elements, and does not pollute the environment.

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Packaging Details
Lamp ModelEXC-RL-G02-050EXC-RL-G02-100EXC-RL-G02-150
Power Range30-5060-100110-150
ConfigurationStandard Configuration(SMD 3030)
Input Voltage (Vac)120-240Vac
Frequency Range (Hz)50\60Hz±3Hz
Light SourceEMC3030
Power Supply BrandMOSO, SOSEN, Inventronics
Operating Temperature(℃)-30 ~+45
Operating Humidity10-90%
IP RatingIP 66
IK RatingIK 08
Product SpecificationEXC-RL-G02-050EXC-RL-G02-100EXC-RL-G02-150
Length (mm)420525620
PCS 1 1 1
G.W KG/PCS2.052.853.4
The EXC Owl series (EXC-RL-G02) LED street light products provide highly competitive solution for road lighting with its high performance and high light control technology and its beautiful shape will also become a unique landscape of the city.
Owl series lamps are being installed in highway, expressway, trunk road, second trunk road and other road lighting, square lighting, stadium lighting.
The street lamp housing is made of aluminum die-casting, reasonable structure design can effectively dissipate heat, waterproof and dust-proof. The surface has been treated with UV-resistant and anti-corrosion powder spraying, and the overall lamp has reached the IP66 standard.
Using LIGHTNING 3030 light source, with professional light distribution design, thermotics, structure circuit, power supply design, so that the product has a very high cost performance, this product is a kind of efficient green, energy saving, and environment protection lighting product.
Photoelectric separation design ensures the stability of each system and avoids heat accumulation.
Elevation angle of the lamp can be flexibly adjusted according to the site conditions, compatible with horizontal and vertical installation.
Use integrated lamp body heat dissipation technology to provide excellent heat dissipation performance. The maximum heat dissipation effect ensures the performance and lifespan of the led street lamp.



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