Street Lighting

EXC Helps Huangshagang Town to Draw a New Chapter in the Development of Smart City


Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd., as a provider of smart lighting and cloud control system solutions, provided customized smart street light cloud control platform and "Set Sail" smart street light series for the seashore section of Huangshagang Town (Dongfang Road to Haidi Road).

With the success of the World Heritage application, since 2020, Huangshagang Town, Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province has aimed to build an international fishing port characteristic town and an important tourist destination on the shore of the Yellow Sea, re-planning the town with high standards and carefully drawing the ″new picture scroll″ for the integration development of the town.

With the theme of fishing culture, Huangshagang Town comprehensively upgraded the 3km main street of the Haibin Road, Haiti Road and Shuichan Road, and upgraded the 9km section of the 4 main roads in the market town.

Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd., as a provider of smart lighting and cloud control system solutions, provided customized smart street light cloud control platform and ″Set Sail″ smart street light series for the seashore section of Huangshagang Town (Dongfang Road to Haidi Road). The product provides systematic and integrated global perception, information release, and terminal management services for Huangshagang Town, and realizes centralized management of urban infrastructure resources, the development of urban informatization, networking, and sharing, and helps build a smart fishing port.

The smart street light group includes single lighting controller, WiFi AP, surveillance camera, LED display, one-key for help, public broadcasting, information interchange screen, charging pile, environmental weather monitoring sensor and 5G micro base station (reserved) and other equipment direct access to smart gateway, power supply for front-end equipment, power metering and power-off control. In addition to the aforementioned front-end subsystems, the smart street light system also includes a smart street light cloud control platform.

EXC smart street lights

The smart street light cloud control platform of Huangshagang is the core of the smart street light and the central platform for street light monitoring and dispatching, operation and maintenance and data management. Based on smart lighting functions, it integrates functions such as road management, road security, information release, public broadcasting, public WiFi, public facilities management, one-key for help, smart charging, and reserved 5G micro base stations. It takes IoT, big data and artificial intelligence technology as the cores, providing intelligent management and intelligent applications for the daily operation of smart street lights, and providing visual display and management, facilitating real-time grasp of operating status and data, and achieving refined management.

Smart street light cloud control platform

Smart lighting

According to the flow of people, perimeter intrusion, seasonal changes, weather conditions and ambient light intensity, the lighting is adjusted to achieve smart lighting, energy saving and emission reduction.

Road management

It monitors the empty or full garbage bins, monitors abnormal manhole covers, and provides real-time warnings to ensure road cleanliness and pedestrian safety.

Road security

Video surveillance of roads, real-time monitoring of vehicles and personnel, and timely research, judgment and recording of the process of emergencies by obtaining effective data and image information, it can be used as efficient and timely emergency command and the basis for handling cases. When a pedestrian on the road triggers the one-key for help button, the video camera is linked to check the scene and respond quickly.

Information release

With information release function, the road management center can release property information, weather and environment information, investment advertisement and road parking space information.

Public broadcasting

With public broadcasting function, it can carry out road announcement broadcasting, fire broadcasting, emergency broadcasting, personnel evacuation, and emergency command.

Public WiFi

Provide convenient, safe and stable WIFI network, provide free WIFI Internet service for street enterprises and employees, meet the needs of mobile Internet access, and improve the level of road informatization.

The system can quickly locate and manage street lights and other equipment by means of maps. The platform realizes the functions of GIS console, operation and maintenance management, application management, linkage management, resource management and system management.

The communication single lighting controller provided by EXC for this project was a new type of controller developed to meet the needs of the smart city market. It is an important part of the street light control system. Its core chip uses the world′s leading NB-IoT wireless communication module, with professional hardware and software design. The product has the advantages of powerful functions, small size, easy to implement, no wiring, reliable operation, and easy for maintenance. It is a high-performance street light product specially developed for energy-saving smart street lighting.

It is time to set sail, and forge ahead to write a new chapter! Just like the set sail series of smart light poles specially designed by EXC for Huangshagang Town, the sailing fishing boats symbolize the development direction of the town and brighten the unique fishing culture card of Sheyang!