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EXC Street Light Traveller Ⅱ Series

The EXC Traveller Ⅱ series street lights adopt integrated die-casting and streamlined design. A vari...

Using integrated lamp body heat dissipation technology to provide excellent heat dissipation

Simple and modern appearance, streamlined shape, smooth surface, and self-cleaning light design.

The driver cover can be easily opened without tool , upper flip cover ,convenient for maintenance and installation.

Adjustable angle, compatible with horizontal and vertical installation.

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Lamp ModelEXC-RL-W02-030EXC-RL-W02-040EXC-RL-W02-050EXC-RL-W02-060EXC-RL-W02-080EXC-RL-W02-100EXC-RL-W02-120EXC-RL-W02-150EXC-RL-W02-180EXC-RL-W02-240
System Power30W40W50W60W80W100W120W150W180W240W
Working Voltage (V)100V-277Vac
Frequency Range(HZ)50/60Hz
Power Factor100~240Vac PF≥0.95 240~277Vac PF≥0.90
Surge Protection10kv/20kv
Total Harmonic DistortionTHD〈 20%
Light SourceSMD3030/ SMD5050
Emitting AngleType2-S/Type3-M
Color Temperature3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
Color Render Index≥70
IK RatingIK08
IP RatingIP66
Luminance Efficiency(Lm/W)130/150Lm/W
EXC Traveller Ⅱ series LED street lights are high-efficiency lights designed by EXC-LED for outdoor road lighting such as road lighting, square lighting, sports field lighting, etc. of highways, expressways, main roads, secondary roads, etc..
This streetlight use photoelectric separation design to ensure the stability of each system and avoids heat accumulation.
It is a product specially designed for the needs of road lighting, which fully meets the special needs of road lighting.
The use of Tiandian 5050 light source, with professional light distribution design, and thermal, structure and circuit, and power supply design make this product extremely cost-effective.
International first-line light source and power supply, providing high performance and high reliability, reducing operating costs.
Multiple light distribution options are available to meet the application conditions of different road conditions.



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