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EXC-CR-Z01 Solar Powered Street Lamp

EXC-CR-Z01 solar powered street lamp is fully powered by solar energy. The street lamp use high effi...

Lightweight and ultra-thin design of the whole solar street lamp, simple appearance and strong applicability

Adopt high performance imported optical-grade materials, with accurate light distribution, high efficiency and strong weather resistance;

Various light distribution angles, suitable for diverse outdoor lighting applications

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Lamp ModelEXC-CR-Z01-10EXC-CR-Z01-20EXC-CR-Z01-40EXC-CR-Z01-60EXC-CR-Z01-80EXC-CR-Z01-100
System Power10W20W40W60W80W100W
Luminous Flux2100LM4200LM8400LM12600LM16800LM21000LM
Solar panelMono 18V/25WMono 18V/40WMono 18V/60WMono 18V/90WMono 36V/100WMono 36V/115W
Light Source5050 LED
Efficiency>180lm/W; 210lm/W
MaterialAluminum Body
Charging Time6-7 Hours
Working Temperature-20℃ to +60℃
Working Time5-7 Rainy Days
Working Humidity10%~90%RH
Intelligent Control ModeLight Control/Time Control/Human Body Induction/Intelligent Power Adjustment
Working ModeM1: first hour 100% power, second hour is 80%, and the device will become less brightness when the time passing. M2: sensor mode,For first hours, when people coming, it is 100% power, when people leave, it is 50% power. Next four hours, people coming is 70% ,people leave is 30%, the last 5 hours, the power is 10% all the time.
Product Dimension483*420*54.5mm843*420*54.5mm1083*420*54.5mm1553*420*54.5mm1709*420*54.5mm1863*420*54.5mm
Warranty period3 years
EXC-CR-Z01 solar led street lights are high-efficiency lights designed by EXC for outdoor road lighting.
They are designed with an integrated solar panel and lamps and can be used for road lighting in cities, villages, industrial areas and other occasions.
Main body of solar powered street lamp is made of aluminum alloy material to provide efficient heat dissipation.
Surface of the lamp body is anodized with strong corrosion resistance and weather resistance, suitable for diverse complex environments;
Multiple light distribution angles to provide lighting in diverse outdoor lighting applications.
Various intelligent control schemes can be set up, energy saving and environmental protection.



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