LED Solar Street Light 150W
outdoor solar street light
street lighting led
solar led street lighting
led solar street lamp
LED Solar Street Light 150W

EXC-CR-Z01A Solar Powered Led Street Lights

EXC-CR-Z01A solar powered led street lights are used for outdoor lighting such as parking lots, firs...

Control Mode: Keep full brightness in 6 hours+ 50% in next 6 hours.

Metal lamp body, IP65 protection grade.

Class A Lithium (LifePO4) battery, cycle life ≧2000 times.

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Product Detail
Lamp Model EXC-CR-Z01A-100 EXC-CR-Z01A-120 EXC-CR-Z01A-150
System Power 100W 120W 150W
Battery 25.6V 24AH 25.6V/30Ah 25.6V/36Ah
Solar Panel Mono 36V/200W Mono 36V/200W Mono 36V/225W
Light Source SMD5050/144PCS SMD5050/144PCS SMD5050/144PCS
Installation Height 10-12M 12-13M 13-15M
CCT(K) 3000-6500K
Working Time 5-7 Rainy Days
Charging Time 4-6 Hours
Lifespan >50000H
Material Aluminum Body
Working Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%RH
Working Mode Keep full brightness in first 6 hours , keep 50% brightness in next 6 hours.
Product Dimension 1709*420*54.5mm 1709*420*54.5mm 1863*420*54.5mm
Package Dimension 1794*525*278mm 1794*525*278mm 1948*525*278mm
GW 41.1 41.1 44.18
Packing Detail One kit per carton
Warranty Period 3 Years

EXC-CR-Z01A solar powered led street lights are designed by EXC for outdoor road lighting.
Maximum power can reach 150W, which can support municipal road lighting needs.
Folding monocrystalline solar panels are used to increase the configuration requirements, the lifespan≧25 years.
Various intelligent control schemes can be set up, energy saving and environmental protection.
The EXC-CR-Z01A solar powered street lamps have patent design and the protection against electric shock: Class Ⅲ
Use anodic oxidation process on lamp surface with strong corrosion resistance and weather resistance, suitable for various complex environments.
The lens adopts high-quality imported optical-grade materials, with accurate light distribution, high efficiency and strong weather resistance.
Works with low standby electric current, convenient for long-distance transportation and storage;
High-precision digital boost constant current control, high efficiency and high; accuracy of constant current, which ensure longer lifespan of the battery.



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