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EXC All-in-one Solar Street Lights Polestar Ⅱ Series

EXC Polestar Ⅱ series best all in one solar street light are high-efficiency lights designed by EXC....

Ultra-thin lamp holder design, simple and atmospheric;

Main body of the lighting system is made of aluminum alloy, which has good thermal and heat dissipation performance;

Integrated design, with customized bracket, easy to install;

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Lamp ModelEXC-CR-W05-30EXC-CR-W05-40EXC-CR-W05-50
System power30W40W50W
Lithium BatteryLiFePO4 19.2V/14.4AHLiFePO4 19.2V/18AHLiFePO4 19.2V/24AH
Solar Panel24V/50W24V/63W24V/75W
Install Height3M ~ 4M4M ~ 6M4M ~ 6M
Charging Time1-2 Day
Lighting Time8 Nights +
MaterialAluminium alloy + Tempered Glass
Warranty3 Years
Product Size907*372*234mm1150*372*234mm1345*372*213mm

EXC Polestar Ⅱ series solar powered led street lights are high-efficiency lights designed by EXC for outdoor road lighting. They are designed with an integrated solar panel and lamps and can be used for road lighting in cities, villages, industrial areas and other occasions.

Solar street lamp characteristics

Control Mode: PIR+ Light control + Time control
Modular design, convenient for after-sales maintenance
With dimming function, Working time can be set 0-15hours, Power can be set 0%-100%.
Works with very low standby current, convenient for long-distance transportation and storage.
Metal housing, IP65 protection grade, easy to cope with various harsh environments..
High precision digital boost constant current control algorithm, high efficiency and high accuracy of constant current, which ensure longer lifespan of the battery.
Brand lithium battery with class-A battery cell inside, cycle life≥ 2000 times (Different from those second-hand battery or low quality battery in markets).
High-efficiency monocrystalline silicone solar panel, lifespan ≥ 25 years.



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