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Cloud Control Empowers Shenyang Zhongjie


As the main provider of Shenyang Zhongjie lighting engineering control system and hardware equipment, Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. escorted the project's night scene lighting with a smart landscape lighting cloud control platform.

With the opening of pedestrian streets such as Nanjing Road in Shanghai and Beijing Road in Guangzhou, Shenyang Zhongjie, which is also the first batch of pilot pedestrian streets in the country, officially opened on September 25, 2020 after being upgraded. Hefan Group assisted the construction of Zhongjie lighting, creating an atmospheric, immersive, experiential, and game-like lighting performance, combined with high-tech technology, to deeply explore the historical and cultural heritage of the Shengjing Imperial City, and emotionally tell about the prosperity and the past of 400 years of zhongjie. As the main provider of Shenyang Zhongjie lighting engineering control system and hardware equipment, Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. escorted the project′s night scene lighting with a smart landscape lighting cloud control platform.

Shenyang Zhongjie

400-year old street reloaded and set sail

Located in Shengjing Imperial City, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Zhongjie has a history of nearly 400 years. It is China′s first commercial pedestrian street and China′s top ten famous commercial streets, witnessing the development of Shenyang′s commercial civilization.

The earliest embryonic form of Zhongjie began in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. The trade prosperity of the horse markets in Kaiyuan, Guangning, and Fushun in eastern Liaoning led to the rapid development of the commodity economy in Shenyang, the center of the three major horse markets. In 1625, ″Dajin″ moved its capital to Shenyang, the economy became more prosperous, and Siping Street (now Zhongjie) was formed. Large department stores such as Jishun Silk House and Laotianhe Silk and Satin shop were mostly concentrated on the north and south sides of the street; colorful and dazzling small commodity markets (markets) were scattered in alleys along the street.

In December 2018, Shenyang Zhongjie, as the only representative of the Northeast region, and 11 pedestrian streets such as Beijing Wangfujing, Shanghai Nanjing Road, Chongqing Jiefangbei, Nanjing Confucius Temple, etc. were listed by the Ministry of Commerce as the first batch of national pedestrian street renovation and upgrading pilot projects.

For the Shenyang Zhongjie lighting project, Hefan Group conducts unified bidding and construction of network operators, cloud platforms, intelligent control systems, etc., in accordance with the requirements of domestic first-class technical standards, and established unified technical standards and requirements to ensure the stability and advancement of the core control system.

Shenyang Zhongjie

The construction of a centralized and integrated smart cloud control platform was the technical guarantee for the perfect presentation of the Zhongjie light show. As the main provider of control system and hardware equipment for Zhongjie lighting engineering control system and hardware equipment, Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. provided the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart landscape lighting cloud control platform for this project, which provided technical support for the stable operation of Zhongjie night scene lighting.

Smart cloud control, smart operation

Shenyang Zhongjie Lighting Project uses the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud platform technology to create a smart landscape lighting cloud control platform with complete functions, efficient operation, flexible operation, strong scalability, and safety and reliability. The EXC-ECCP4.0 cloud control platform integrates an integrated intelligent control platform such as weak and strong current control of urban lighting, basic atmosphere lighting, performance lighting, cultural lighting, interactive lighting, gaming lighting, video surveillance, operation and maintenance management, etc. The use of a comprehensive integrated intelligent landscape lighting cloud control platform can realize the visibility, control and management of the entire project, providing effective guarantee for the stable operation of the project.

The cloud control platform of Shenyang Zhongjie Lighting Project has the following characteristics

EXC cloud control platform

Powerful load capacity

The smart cloud control system is separated from the traditional CS (client/server) architecture and adopts the BS (browser/server) architecture, which has a powerful load capacity and can be expanded infinitely. The general control system will cause the system to crash when it exceeds a certain number of nodes, and the control nodes of the smart cloud control system are not restricted.

Powerful data processing capabilities

The smart cloud control system integrates the data of many systems and deploys the big data processing architecture in cloud servers, sub-control centers and node terminals, with powerful data processing capabilities.

Smart operation

The smart cloud control system uses artificial neural network-based artificial intelligence algorithms to realize the intelligent discovery, diagnosis and warning of faults, realizes the whole process of unattended participation, and intelligently identifies the point of project failure and the cause of the problem.

Multiple security architecture

The smart cloud control system realizes the function of rapid disaster recovery through dual backup of core equipment and data, integrating and providing a professional information system network security solution, with good resistance and discovery capabilities against system intrusions, viruses, Trojan, and vulnerabilities, and can intelligently judge the nature of transmitted images, with filter and user prompts for error images formed by operating errors

In this project, EXC not only provided a smart cloud control platform, but also as a main supplier of intelligent hardware equipment, providing building-side weak current intelligent control equipment for this project. The intelligent weak current effect control equipment on the building side is the core part of the project linkage control. The control equipment provided in this project adopts a new generation of digital video processing technology, intelligent professional lighting control software with an optimized algorithm model as the core, and massive real-time data processing technology, perfectly restores the color processing of the video source, and reproduces the perfect video synchronously and smoothly.

In order to actively cooperate with this project, the technical team personnel of EXC, after countless days and nights of hard work, provided full technical commissioning, guidance and training services for the Shenyang Zhongjie lighting project to ensure the smooth opening of Shenyang Zhongjie.

EXC's smart cloud control platform

The prosperity of Shengjing Zhongjie reappears

In the construction of Zhongjie lighting, EXC′s smart cloud control platform integrates basic lighting, performance lighting, cultural lighting, interactive lighting, and game lighting to create the country’s first immersive new commercial street model, which is a comprehensive approach to the national commercial street system. Upgrades and supplements help the further development of cultural tourism in the national business circle.

Basic atmosphere lighting

Commercial street is an important part of the city as a whole. As the most popular area in the city, the night landscape of commercial street is not only a kind of night lighting, but also artistic re-creation, and even affects the economic pulse of the city′s commercial street. A good night light environment in pedestrian commercial streets has become an important factor in evaluating its environmental quality.

″White Night Zhongjie″ performance lighting

Performance lighting can show local culture very well. Zhongjie combines the local historical characteristics of Shenyang to carry out some activities with local historical characteristics. By organizing various commercial activities, it will thriving Zhongjie and highlight the business and travel function of the commercial street.

Cultural lighting

An important factor that distinguishes traditional commercial streets from other commercial streets is its unique history and culture. With the theme of ″One Hundred Years of Zhongjie″, the design is divided into three perspectives: ″Legendary Haidong Qing″, ″Zhongjie Changes″, and ″Commercial Gathering″ to construct cultural lighting content.

commercial lighting

Interactive lighting

Lighting is no longer an isolated commercial street event, but is closely related to Zhongjie culture, Zhongjie shopping, Zhongjie brand, and Zhongjie image. Lighting allows citizens to go out of their homes and participate in various social activities. Through the design and construction of several nodes of interactive lighting, interactive installations, landscape art, and people-friendly facilities, the project allows citizens to have more connections with Zhongjie Commercial Street.

Gamification lighting

Games have a natural driving force. Both children who learn to speak and adults in their early years are all driven by different games. Therefore, based on the night scene lighting, the project incorporates a story background and designs a number of interactive games, so that visitors can challenge the game and achieve their goals while shopping in the street.

After the renovation of Zhongjie, the average daily flow of people reached 720,000. Every day one-tenth of Shenyang people come to Zhongjie, and the average daily traffic and consumption have increased by more than three times. CCTV′s multi-platforms reported that Zhongjie, Shenhe District, Shenyang, was ″upgraded and new″, and the online platform was extremely popular.

The prosperity and updates of Shengjing reappears. The renewed Zhongjie presents a ″day tourism + night economy″ business, travel and cultural integration model, including creating characteristic alleys with cultural heritage and historical heritage, creating intangible cultural heritage display formats and a display of fireworks and a sea of lanterns, a radiant night landscape and so on. This ancient commercial pedestrian street in Zhongjie is full of vitality.