Reasons To Choose Integrated Solar Street Light


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Solar street lights use solar power as energy, absrobs the solar energy in the day and converts the energy into electricity in the night to light up the lighting fixture. According to the structure, the street lights can be divided into integrated type and split type. First integrated solar street light was invented in 2008, the solar panel, battery and controller, lamp head were integrated.

It's a trend that integrated solar street light wil gradually replace the traditional street lamps.

Why are the integrated solar street lights favored by more and more people? The integrated solar street light use high performance lithium battery and the installation is very easy. Want to know more about the integrated type? Keep on reading and hope this article can help you.

1. Energy-saving

Integrated solar street lights are equipped with PIR sensor. If one person passed by, the light will turn on bright mode for 30s. When there is no person pass by, the light will be in low light mode. The low light mode will reduce a lot of electricity so that the light can last longer in rainy days. Except for the PIR sensor, street lighting can also be controlled by time. For example, we can set the street lamp in bright mode from 7-12PM and in low light mode from 1-6AM.

2. Use high performance LED lighting fixture

Integrated solar street light usually use LED lighting fixture as light source. Led lighting fixture can work for 55000 hours, which is much longer than traditional street light. It can distribute the light uniformly.

integrated solar street light

3. Safe and easy to control

The integrated solar street light use low voltage components. It's reliable and safe. Unlike traditional street lights, the integrated solar led street light won't be affected by water, aging, abonormal power supply,etc. And the integrated solar street light can be connected to the cloud control plaatforms, which is what we called smart street light. We can set the lighting hours and other functions in the cloud control platforms. Data of the street light can also be collected in the platform, which is more convenient.

4. Economical choice

Integrated solar street light provide illumination by solar energy. The solar energy is inexhaustible and energy-saving. The electricity consumption reduces a lot as well as the installation cost. Due to the simple installation, few technicl staff needed. The construction time is also very short. It's especially suitable for overseas users. The cost is only 1/10 of the traditional street lights. The integrated solar street light use high performance lithium battery with 8-year lifespan. Compared to other batteries in the market, the high quality lithium battery need almost no maintenance, making the street light last longer.

5. Easy installation and maintenance

The easy installtion of the integrated solar street light benefits from its structure. The solar panel, controll, battery and other components are integrated into the light pole. There is no need to dig hole and lay cables. The integrated solar street light maintenance is also very easy. If the light fails to work, just replace the whole system. Non-technical staff can also handle the maintenance.

integrated solar street light installation

Integrated solar street light is one type of the solar light. It will bring many conveniences to some users. But the solar panel of integrated type is limited. For places need high illumination requirements, integrated type is not suitable. If you want to know whether the integrated solar street light suits you or not, welcome to consult us. We would love to give advices.