Maintenance Tips of Solar Streetlight in Summer


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Summer is coming and the citizens enjoy their outdoor activities at night. High-quality solar streetlights can provide a good lighting environment for people's activities. There is no need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying, and the layout of lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. Solar streetlights are playing an increasingly important role in outdoor lighting. In the street light industry, we must do a good job in summer protection to ensure the normal operation of solar streetlights. Although the solar streetlight system has passed strict quality inspection before delivering. However, solar streetlights work outdoors for a long time and have to withstand wind, sun and rain. After being used for a long time, some accidents will inevitably occur. Changes in temperature, climate influences, and man-made damage will also cause the failure rate to increase. So what things should be paid attention to during the maintenance of solar streetlights?

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1. Check the components of the solar streetlight

The installed solar streetlight does not need to spend too much time to maintain. However, in severe weather such as heavy rains and typhoons in summer, solar streetlight panels may fall, lamp caps, lamp poles tilted or even tipped when the wind blows. Therefore, it is necessary to check the overall condition of the solar streetlight, whether there is any looseness in the battery panel and lamp cap, whether the street lamp is skewed, and whether the bolts are loose. Check the airtightness of the lamp pole, lamp cap, and battery to prevent water ingress or cracking. If the above problems occur, the street lights will not only fail to illuminate normally, but also bring great safety hazards to pedestrians and vehicles on the road. If there are any of the above situations, they should be resolved in time to avoid accidents and affect normal lighting.  

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2. Check whether the battery is working properly

Solar streetlights are composed of solar panels, batteries, controllers, light sources, etc. The battery is the core of the solar street lamp assembly. The lifespan of the battery affects the lifespan of the street lamp. With the approach of summer, the temperature rises sharply, and the energy storage of lithium batteries will also be affected. Especially after exposure to the sun, if there are still thunderstorms, it is necessary to check and maintain the battery regularly. The battery loss may be due to the battery's long use time and normal wear and tear; it may also be caused by the construction party’s cutting corners during the original construction; or the low quality of the purchased cheap product; or the installation location is not very reasonable, and the green vegetation is used as a feeder. At this time, it is generally sufficient to replace the battery with a new one or cut off the green plants to cover it. The lithium battery whose capacity cannot meet the usage requirements should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of solar led street lights.

3. Check the waterproof performance of the solar streetlight

In summer, there are strong winds and heavy rains. Check whether the battery of the solar street lamp has water ingress, and do a good job of anti-theft of the battery. The all in one solar street lamp integrated the battery and the controller in the lamp holder, so the waterproof of the lamp holder is very important. If it is a split solar street light, the battery is generally buried underground or mounted on a light pole, and it must be waterproof. Now the waterproof level of street lights is above IP65, and there is no problem with normal outdoor use. However, it is not ruled out that water leakage caused by improper use and installation or poor quality of some manufacturers' products can cause the lamp to fail to light. Summer rains are plentiful. Although rain does not enter the street lights, the condensation of water vapor can also cause short circuits. The controller of the solar streetlight is at the bottom of the light pole. Open the door valve to check the joints in time to see if there is water seepage, tape falling off, poor contact, etc. If there is a short circuit, it should be maintained in time to avoid affecting normal lighting.

4. The impact of trees on solar streetlights

Nowadays, our country pays more attention to greening projects, leading to many solar streetlight projects will follow greening projects. However, in summer thunderstorms, the trees near the solar streetlights are easily blown down by strong winds, destroyed or directly damaged. Therefore, the trees around the solar streetlight should be pruned regularly, especially in the case of wild growth of plants in summer. Ensuring the stable growth of trees can reduce the damage to solar streetlights caused by dumping trees.

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