How To Install Solar Street Lamp?


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With the popularization of solar power generation, more and more people choose to buy solar street lamps, used in their own garden community. However, for the general customer, the principle of solar street light is not very well understood, it is likely to cause some wrong ideas in the whole process of application. The following lists some common problems in the application process of solar street lamp for sharing and communication.

1. When installed, the panels are exposed to as much natural light as possible.

Solar street lamps are powered by solar energy, so it is necessary to ensure that the natural light energy shines on the solar panel, so that the kinetic energy can be absorbed and the lighting system can be powered. Try to avoid the shade, and separate the solar lamps as far as possible. The specific spacing can be specified according to the wattage of solar lamps. For example, the conventional garden lamp is 3.5 meters high, the light source is often 15-30W, and the spacing is often 8-15 meters.

2. Solar panel if there is a protective film to remove

Many customers are very easily to ignore this point, the protective film covered on the solar panel must be torn off, otherwise the solar panel digestion and absorption of natural light efficiency will be very much affected.

3. The cable between the lamp holder and the panel cannot be connected inversely

If the solar panel is connected to the lamp head backwards, or the interface is not tight, the electricity absorbed by the solar panel cannot be transferred to the rechargeable battery in the lighting fixture according to the wire, causing the lighting fixture to fail to turn on without power.

4. Regularly clean

Three months or so to remove dead leaves, dust and dirt from the surface of the solar panel. Once the solar panel is covered, it will greatly affect the absorption efficiency, and even damage the solar panel. But now there has been the emergence of solar panels automatic cleaning technology, decontamination and dust removal, which can greatly improve the conversion rate of solar energy, avoid the common spot effect.

5. Solar products preferentially choose light control switch process

Many configuration of the controller is just convenient to close the lighting in the middle of the delivery, the controller in the specific application effect is not important, in addition to the installation of adjustment, and even most are not used, to avoid arbitrary adjustment.