High Mast Lamps And Middle Mast Lamps


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High mast lamps and middle mast lamps are very common in the city. The difference between them lies in the height of the pole. The height of the high mast lamp is higher than that of the middle mast lamp, and the middle mast lamp is higher than that of the ordinary street lamp. What are the other differences between the two besides this?

The main differences are as follows:

1. The height of the high mast lamp pole is 15-40 meters, and the height of the middle mast lamp pole is 12-15 meters.

2. High mast lamp is generally suitable for square, wharf, station and other areas with large flow of people, and the middle mast lamp is used in high-speed intersections, service areas, roadside lighting compensation.

3. Illuminant configuration high lamp according to the requirements of lighting light source Angle of 360 degrees, the light source in the installation of lamps and lanterns and light is project-light lamp, eight root, 12 root, root, root, lamp configuration for the light bulb in configuration is less, using local lighting, regular, the light bulb, 3 bulbs, 4 bulbs, power configuration is lower than the light bulb.

4.Due to the high height of the lifting system, for the convenience of installation and maintenance, are equipped with a lifting system, and the middle mast lamp is generally not set.

People have some misunderstandings about the high mast lamp and the middle mast lamp. It is generally believed that the middle mast lamp is fixed and cannot be lifted or lowered. The light pole can be lifted, there is no fixed, in fact, this understanding is wrong. Light pole can rise, depending on the requirements of customers. As long as customers have requirements, regular manufacturers can configure the lifting system.

If the height of the high mast lamp is 20-35 meters, if the lamp tray can not be lifted, then a maintenance cost is not low, so it is difficult for customers to accept. The light pole structure and the base structure shall be calculated in proportion. According to the appearance shape confirmed by the bidder and the manufacturer's structural parameters, the anti-seismic level is 7 and the anti-wind level is 12. The main pole is a 12-sided pyramid shape, the electric light pole is convenient for transportation, the high pole is selected as a plug-in type, each section is formed once, and the plug-in length can not be less than 500mm; The gap of the lamp pole should not be larger than 3mm, and should be equipped with firm limit equipment and reinforcement equipment.