3 Key Factors Affecting The Lifespan Of All In One Solar Street Light


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All in one solar street light is used in many places for outdoor lighting. The solar energy is renewable and environmentally friendly. Its installation and maintenance cost is relatively low. The outdoor environment is a challenge for the working of the street light, so we need to choose a cost effective all in one solar street light to gain long-term benefits. The lifespan of all in one solar street light is affected by many factors such as the led chips, battery capacity, working environment, etc. Let's get to know these factors in details.

all in one solar street light

1. High performance LED light source and battery

LED lights, electrodeless lamp, high pressure sodium lamp are three major light sources for all in one solar street light. Led light source has been the most primary lighting fixture for the solar street, due to the following advantages:

  • Easy to install, it is one-way illumination, and the illumination effect is better than that of ordinary lamp holders, and there will be no diffusion.
  • The light decay of high-pressure sodium lamps is more serious and the service life is short, while the luminous decay of LED lamps is only 3% a year, and the service life is relatively long. The LED light source can achieve colorful dynamic changes and various effects. 
  • It is a low-energy-consuming product. Its power consumption is one-ninth that of incandescent lamps and one-third that of other light source.

Battery is a significant part of the all in one solar street light. In the day, the rechargeable battery stores the electrical energy and provide the electricity in the night. The general battery can provide electricity in 4 continuous rainy days. If the continuous rainy days is longer than 4 days, users need to give the days so that the technical staff can recommend suitable battery. Lead-acid/gel battery, ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery are three common batteries used for all in one solar street light. Lithium iron phosphate battery is the most effective one. For details about how to select the battery for all in one solar street light, please read "How to Choose the Battery of Solar Powered Street Lamp ?".

batteries of all in one solar street light

2. Working environment

The working environment plays a significant role in using outdoor solar street light. Many factors would affect the street lighting, such as dust, humidity, temperature and so on. So the all in one solar street light must be waterproof, the waterproof level of high performance solar street lamp can be IP65. And the working temperature of the solar street light is-30℃~+45℃, and the working humidity is 10-90%.

3. Local climate condition and sunshine time

Local climate condition and sunshine time are two factors necessary to check. For example, in china, there are less sunlight in the north which directly affects the lighting effect. All in one solar street lights absorb much less energy than sunny days on rainy days. If the number of consecutive rainy days in your place is longer, you should tell us the number so that we can configure the appropriate solar street lamp for you to support the normal lighting in the longest rainy days.