EXC Comprehensively Upgrades Its Development
Strategy to Strive to Expand the IOT Application Market!


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In 2020, EXC comprehensively upgraded its development strategy to strive to expand the IOT application market! EXC′s Internet of Things Application Sales Center recently organized a series of marketing and communication activities to seize opportunities and occupy the market!

Strategic Cooperation

Huaxin Consulting Co.,Ltd.

On May 19th, the R&D, brand promotion and sales teams from East China Region of EXC Internet of Things went to Huaxin Consulting Co., Ltd. to discuss and seek win-win cooperation and seize projects and strategic opportunities of construction of smart cities across the country. Chen Minchuang, Dean of the Architectural Design Institute, and Zhang Xiaoli, Director of the Construction Business Department, firstly received the EXC team in the Dean’s Office. The two parties discussed and exchanged ideas on topics such as industry development, business exchanges, business opportunities, and mutual cooperation, and held the theme sharing session of ″EXC Smart IOT, Huaxin Wonderful Design - EXC-ECCP4.0 Smart City Management Cloud Platform Promotion Conference Entering Huaxin Design Institute″ in the conference room. The sharing session was carried out simultaneously online and offline. Director Zhang and more than 20 members of the research institute participated in the offline conference, and more than 100 members of the Huaxin Consulting Institute participated in the whole conference through live video streaming, and the contents of the conference were also be shared with all the colleagues through video sharing.

At the sharing session, Zhang Li, Deputy General Manager of EXC and Deputy General Manager of the Internet of Things Application Sales Center, gave a detailed explanation of the powerful intelligent integration functions of EXC-ECCP4.0 Smart City Management Cloud Platform, to establish an interconnected big data system with the future-oriented and user-oriented IOT thinking and create a new situation for the sustainable scientific development of smart cities.

Xin Jijun, Project Manager of the Intelligent Research Institute, focused on explaining the main functions of EXC smart light pole series products and the smart light pole management platform, including mobile communication, environmental perception, video surveillance, emergency help, information release, public WIFI, new energy vehicle charging, public facilities management, etc., providing smart management and smart applications for the daily operation of smart light poles.

Zhejiang Urban Planning & Design Institute

On May 9, Zhang Li, Deputy General Manager and Deputy General Manager of IOT Application Sales Center, Zeng Jiangyong, Deputy General Manager of Smart Lighting Sales Center, Luo Feng, Sales Director of East China Region of IOT Application Sales Center, Lu Jiabing, Deputy Director of Smart Lighting Sales Center and Xin Jijun, Project Manager of EXC Intelligent Research Institute came to Zhejiang Urban Planning&Design Institute to discuss new trends in smart city development, and discussed smart light pole promotion strategies and meet new opportunities for industry development.

More than 30 people, including Shen Wei, Dean of Lighting Branch of Zhejiang Urban Planning and Design Institute, Wu Xuanying, Dean of Landscape Branch, Zhang Jie, Deputy Dean of Lighting Branch, and members of the two branches participated in the event. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Dean Zhang Jie and the two parties had a lively interactive exchange. Dean Shen Wei and Dean Wu Xuanying especially put forward valuable opinions on the design and application of EXC smart light poles, and expressed their support for subsequent cooperation.

Fujian Xuhong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Brand empowerment, value-driven. While focusing on enhancing the value of its own brand, EXC maintains good strategic cooperation with many well-known companies. As a partner of EXC, Fujian Xuhong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has set up a special case display area of EXC in its exhibition hall and played videos to promote EXC′s smart management cloud platform, adding value to the EXC brand.

Smart Cloud Sharing

During the epidemic period, online ″cloud communication″ has become a popular mode of industry interaction this year. EXC actively participated in online live events, exchanged and shared the latest EXC products and technological innovations, learnt from the successful experience through interaction, and sought industry innovation and development.

Wang Weiyi, Deputy General Manager of EXC and General Manager of the Internet of Things Application Sales Center, shared the topic of ″Lighting Cloud Control System in Wuhan Epidemic Crisis Response and Smart City Management″ in the smart city lighting public class, focusing on the contents that multiple functions of EXC smart lighting cloud control system helped the government to speak out, broadcasting urgently, transmitting epidemic information, and inspired people during the epidemic, reflecting the necessity and urgency of building a smart city control platform.

At the Smart Industry Cloud Sharing Session jointly held by EXC and China Power United Tech, Li Chao, director of the Intelligence Research Institute, shared the theme of ″Future-oriented Smart Traffic Perception″, discussed and answered questions on the implementation of urban IOT solutions and the application of smart light poles.

Crises and opportunities coexisted in 2020. Only with the sense of urgency of ″can′t wait″, crisis of ″can′t be slow″, and sense of responsibility of ″can′t sit still″, we will take advantage of the trend and the situation, and seize the trend and the market. Only by strengthening the strategic win-win cooperation can we see opportunities around the corner and write a new chapter in the construction of smart cities.

After years of exploration and gradually formed its characteristic advantages in technology, debugging, and service, EXC has accumulated a lot of practical experience and has now developed into a provider of IOT applications and smart lighting solutions. EXC gathers experts in the field of control systems to concentrate on research and development, expands and upgrades the new EXC-ECCP4.0 smart city management and control cloud platform, which effectively integrates smart lighting, smart light poles, smart sanitation, smart public toilets, smart advertising and other subsystems. It has strong business and mass data analysis and processing capabilities, providing a dual engine of management and energy saving for smart cities and creating a new ecology of smart cities in which people and cities, and people and the environment are harmonious.

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