Solar Street Lamp Failure And Maintenance


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At present, solar street lamps are widely used in modern urban and rural construction. The whole set is composed of solar panels, light source, battery, controller, light pole and sheath line. Solar street lamps too sunlight for energy, solar panels to charge the battery in the daytime, at night the battery to the lamp source power supply use, without complex and expensive pipeline laying, can be arbitrarily adjusted the layout of the lamp, safe energy saving and pollution-free, without manual operation work stable and reliable, saving electricity costs and maintenance free. As solar street lamps are put into operation in an outdoor environment, many unforeseen failures will occur. What are the common faults of solar street lamps?

1. The overall solar street lamp is not bright ∶Solar street lamps are used for outdoor lighting, so it usually encounters high temperatures and rainy, low temperature weather and other environments. The solar street lamp controller is usually installed on the light pole, which is easy to cause short circuit of water to the controller. First, check the terminals of the controller for problems. If the controller is damaged, check whether there is voltage and current output when the panel is working normally. If there is no output, replace the panel.

2. The solar street light source is not fully lit ∶First, check whether there is a problem with the quality of the LED light source and whether there is a fault in the welding of the lamp beads. If there is any problem, please replace it. If there is no problem, it may be that there is insufficient sunlight at the installation site and the overall configuration of lamps is not reasonable.

3. Short lighting time∶ If the rain is short in duration. Generally, this is caused by the reduced storage capacity of the battery and the lack of power in the storage tank. Replace the battery.

4. The lamp head is flashing ∶This can be caused by poor line contact, loss of battery power, and a severe reduction in storage capacity. If they are normal, the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Generally speaking, solar street lamps not only last longer than ordinary street lamps, but also do not require a lot of late maintenance costs. Low failure rate, very energy efficient and convenient indeed. Under the premise of reducing maintenance cost, unified and modular replacement is carried out. Simplify the testing process during maintenance, which is convenient for maintenance personnel with simple technical ability. Under the premise of quick maintenance of faulty street lamps, the original solar street lamps' normal functioning parts are retained to reduce maintenance costs and avoid waste.

Daily maintenance and maintenance of solar street lights:

1. In case of strong wind, heavy rain, rainstorms, hail, heavy snow, etc., organize personnel to inspect the damage. When necessary, drones can be used to inspect solar panels and other conditions at high altitude.

2. Regularly check whether the solar panel shifts and whether the light pole foundation is exposed and displaced. Check whether there is water in the lamp base or other conditions affecting the lamp pole.

3. Check whether there is dirt on the solar cell surface with the help of UAV, which will affect the energy yield. It needs to be cleaned.

4. Check regularly whether there are branches and other objects shielding the solar cell board surface, and remove them in time.