EXC Solar Street Lamps All in one Astronaut Ⅱ Series

EXC all in one solar street lamps Astronaut Ⅱ Series are high-efficiency lights used for outdoor li...

The brand-new 2.4G wireless/infrared remote control design allows you to modify the controller parameters and read the system information from the handheld device

Full digital high-precision constant current control, the highest efficiency up to 96%

Metal housing, IP65 protection grade, easy to cope with various harsh environments

High efficiency monocrystalline silicon sheet, life expectancy ≥ 25 years

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Load safety design

Projection distance

RGB full color


Source life


Lamp ModelEXC-CR-W08-20EXC-CR-W08-30EXC-CR-08-50EXC-CR-08-70
System power20W30W50W70W
Lithium BatteryLiFePO4 12.8/18AHLiFePO4 12.8/24AHLiFePO4 12.8/30AHLiFePO4 12.8/42AH
Solar Panel18V/35W18V/45W18V/60W18V/90W
Full Power Lighting Time7H6H5H5H
Smart Dimming Working time≧56H≧48H≧36H≧36H
Charging Time1 Day
MaterialAluminium Alloy
Photovoltaic PanelMonocrystalline Silicon
Control ModeInfrared/Microwave Sensor + Light Control +Time Control
EXC Astronaut Ⅱ series solar powered all in one led street lights are used for road lighting, square lighting, countryside, etc. It is a product designed specifically to fully meet the special lighting needs of roads.
The use of international first-class LED light sources, combined with professional light distribution design, thermal, structure, circuit, and power supply design make the product extremely cost-effective. This solar powered street lamp is an efficient green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting product.
With human body infrared/microwave sensing function, the sensing delay time can be set (SES series).
With nine-level dimming function and light control, working time can be set 0~15 hours, and power can be set 0% ~ 100%.
A variety of intelligent power modes can be selected, and the load power can be automatically adjusted according to the battery capacity.
Works with very low standby current, convenient for long-distance transportation and storage.
High-precision digital boost constant current control algorithm, high efficiency and high accuracy of constant , which ensure longer lifespan of the battery .
Brand lithium battery with Class A battery cell inside, cycle life ≧2000 times, (Different from those second-hand battery or low quality battery in markets).



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